We’ve had a dedicated, responsive account manager from the very beginning.

Imagine Travel is an award-winning tour operator specialising in tailor-made holidays to Africa, Asia and the Americas. The trips are created from scratch for each of their clients by travel specialists who know these destinations inside out.

When a client of Imagine Travel suggested they should get an app after seeing another tour operator use one, Linda, who heads up Marketing for Imagine Travel, assumed that this would entail building their own app which seemed expensive. After hearing from a second client, who said they would not book through a tour operator who did not have an app because they found it so useful, Linda got in contact after hearing about us from a client who had used Vamoos in the past.

‘After looking into it, we discovered Vamoos was very doable for us, so set up a meeting to talk it through further. It made sense, so we went for it. It’s a good idea and loads of people have an app now, so we were a bit behind in that respect. We always knew it was a good idea, but there were always other things on our to do list.’

‘The implementation of the app went really well, our dedicated account manager is really responsive and replies quickly to all our questions which is great. We had really clear guidance from the start of what to do and what was needed, and so far we have only had positive feedback from our clients.’

‘It will definitely save us time in the long run if we stop sending out documents via post to our clients. Obviously this will save us money too, which we will still spend on each individual booking in some fun and unique way.’

As Imagine Travel operates in over 40 countries, they are in the process of uploading Points of Interest information country by country to add value to their clients. ‘It will be great when it’s complete. We send out restaurant guides anyway so it’s good to be able to add all of this information to the map.’

Click here to try it out, or get in touch at info@vamoos.com.