October 19, 2020

Where do your guests get their first impression of your resort? Like it or not, the answer is online. Digitally. Before your guests have taken their first step into your resort they have looked on your website, read reviews online, explored images on social media. So the key question is: does your digital presence match the luxury of your resort? Because in 2020, when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, it should.

Here’s how Vamoos can help you provide extraordinary luxury to your guests even in your digital space.


Reject the Generic

Most hotel websites are boring. They use stock imagery and predictable wording, giving little proper insight into what guests can expect, meaning they just have to guess and hope for the best.

By using Vamoos, you can reject the generic and reassure your guests that they are in good hands from the moment they book. Your fully branded, experiential app will give your expectant guests a real opportunity to explore the luxury you offer at your resort potentially months before they arrive.


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Provide a Sneak Peak

You do not have to give away all your resort’s glorious secrets on your app, but Vamoos will help you give guests a better digital sneak-peak of what awaits them than a handful of corporate-looking images on your website. Using stunning imagery and interactive features, you can help your guests feel like they are on holiday before they even set off, as well as show off their upcoming trip to family and friends.


Exceed Expectations

Vamoos can help you exceed your guests’ expectations from the moment they book until long after they have gone because it breaks down the barriers between them and you (read our blog post about going above and beyond for your guests here).

The old ways of operating—endless email chains, lengthy paper directories, even ipads in every room—are outdated when we are all so used to tap-of-a-button convenience. By using Vamoos, your guests have every piece of information they could want about your resort on their own personal device, making for the ultimate convenience and comfort.


Build the Relationship

Perhaps most significantly, Vamoos allows you to build stronger, better relationships with your guests. Using in-app instant-messaging, they can make requests and enquiries not just from your resort’s pool or golf course, but from anywhere. That includes before their arrival and after their departure.

So if they’re in a meeting a week before their trip and dreaming of your spa, they can drop you a note asking about your treatments, and a member of your staff will get back to them personally in moments.

By using Vamoos, you can transcribe the luxury experience of your resort into the digital sphere and enhance each stay as a result.



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