January 5, 2023

When a client is on holiday, travel companies have an opportunity to really highlight the difference in the service between them and online travel agents. You can elevate the entire trip by sharing your experience and knowledge, all on a digital app.

Imagine your client setting off for another day of memory-making. You could add your recommendation for the best restaurant as a Point of Interest on your app, and send a notification to their app to let them know. Not only that, but you could put all of the documents and information they need while away on a digital silver platter. And it’s all available offline, 24/7.

Read on to discover just some of the ways clients are using tech to enhance the actual trip portion of the customer journey – or click here to read our full guide with 20 best practice examples.


Make essential information easily accessible

Explorations Africa specialises in creating custom-designed African adventures, tours, and game safaris – as you might imagine, these safaris come with more documents than most holidays. Using Vamoos, they make it easy for clients to keep track of everything by attaching any info to the relevant day in the visual itinerary

On safari, guest safety becomes more of a priority than ever. Offline access is vital when you could be miles away from an internet connection but only metres away from a lion. They also upload emergency contacts, vaccination info, and insurance details that guests might need at a moment’s notice.

“As we specialise in custom safaris, each trip has so many different tickets, vouchers and travel documents, and Vamoos is such a great place to store these for our customers. We link the documents to specific days of the itinerary, so it’s really easy for our customers to find the correct vouchers to enjoy each day of the safari. The fact these are available offline too is great for the bush”.

Antoinette MacKenzie, Co-Owner, Explorations Africa


Help clients fly confidently with real-time flight info

Simpson Travel is an award-winning independent travel company. They offer handpicked holidays to Corsica, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mallorca, and pride themselves on impressing guests right out of the gate. 

And there’s no better way to make sure a trip gets off to a great start than to give your clients confidence during the most stressful part of a trip: the airport. The team at Simpson Travel simply add clients’ flight numbers to the app – even if Simpson Travel didn’t book them – and they get real-time flight alerts for schedule changes, departure times, gate numbers, and everything in between. It’s the stress-free start holidaymakers dream of. 

“Our clients really value having all their flight information in one place and receiving updates on check-in information, timings and gate information. We currently have a 92% positive rating from our clients on the app because they love having all information easy to hand and in one place”.

Ed Pyke, Operations Director, Simpson Travel


Offer highly personalised points of interest that no one else knows about

Ionian Villas are Greek holiday specialists, organising personalised holidays with a varied choice of villas, apartments, houses and cottages on the Ionian Islands. With a specific focus on their own slice of paradise, their team have built up an unbeatable level of local knowledge. 

Ionian Villas uses Vamoos’ Points of Interest to share this intimate knowledge of the Ionian islands in a way that blows paper guides out of the water. From the restaurant serving Greece’s greatest gyros to sun-soaked secret beaches, Points of Interest enables them to put their recommendations into an interactive map that clients can follow live, even if they’re offline. 

Guests are able to sort and filter the Points of Interest based on exactly what they’re looking for, then tap on each point to get more information, such as websites, menus, and even directions. It’s the future of tailor-made travel. 

“We know each island first-hand and Points of Interest gives us the opportunity to recommend our favourite locations at the touch of a button. One of the features we like is how our clients can access driving directions to the exact location of the point of interest”.

Alex Watrous, Managing Director, Ionian Villas


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