March 1, 2023

A trip is a journey. So Vamoos’ new GPX Tracks feature lets clients see the route they’ll be taking during their time with you, letting them visualise their adventures before they’ve even got to the airport.


Showcase Your Expertise, Digitally


The Vamoos app puts everything you’d normally share via multiple emails and paper documents directly into clients’ hands via their own devices. You can now extend that to sharing your entire trip route with GPX Tracks. Use alongside our Points of Interest feature to share your knowledge of all local gems – hidden beaches, walking tours and the best local restaurants – at the touch of a button. And you can save a few trees along the way.


Excite Clients Before Their Experience


Clients love being able to daydream about their holidays in advance. GPX Tracks will let them see and show their friends the exact route they’ll be taking during their time with you – whether its a hike along the Inca Trail or a roadtrip from Glasgow to Edinburgh.


Guests Can See Where They Are


Whether your clients are island hopping on a yacht, or trekking at high altitude, they don’t want to be staring at their phones the whole time. But wouldn’t it be great if they could just glance down at their phone and see where they are on the route with our little blue dot?


Offline Capabilities


Like most Vamoos features, GPX Tracks will have offline capabilities, meaning that clients can download their route ahead of their stay with you and still see where they are, even if they’re in the middle of the Sahara!


Perfect for Specialists


GPX Tracks has been designed with all travel companies in mind, including the specialists. Whether your speciality is cycling, hiking, self-driving, challenges, sailing – our new feature will bring something extra to your routes and trips.


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