February 20, 2024

For those who work in the travel industry, time can be worth more than all the yachts in the sea. And AI promises to transform the way we navigate the ocean of complexities in travel planning. In fact, AI can not only streamline operations but also breathe life into the experiences we create, making every journey unforgettable.

Join us as we dig into the role of AI in travel, with insights from experts such as Andy Headington, CEO of Adido, Keith Crockford, founder of The Bucket List Company, Vamoos CTO, Stephan Nedregaard, and Vamoos founder, Alisdair Luxmoore. This panel isn’t just talking about what AI can do, they’re living it, using AI to save time, enhance creativity, and take the travel experience to new heights.





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Andy on streamlining tasks and supercharging customer service


Adido CEO, Andy Headington, is on a mission to demystify the role of AI in travel. You see, it’s not here to replace us but to make our jobs easier and save us precious admin hours every week that we can better spend dreaming up the next adventure.

Andy dives right into the practical applications of AI for note-taking automation. Imagine attending meetings knowing everything is written down without you lifting a pen or tapping a key! Tools like Otta and Fireflies can capture discussions in full, ensuring no detail is missed and freeing up your mind to focus on the conversation at hand.

Next, he gets into the magic of AI for email writing and using tools like Superhuman.ai which can ‘make you 2.5 times faster’. He showcases how using just a few bullet points, AI can craft emails that are pretty much ready to send. But bear in mind that AI can get a little too creative (surprisingly, turning “Vamoos” into “four moose” is not what we were after). It might be very clever, but it still needs human review to catch small mistakes.

For those managing bigger teams, AI tools like Cruisewatch can analyse call centre interactions and provide insights that drive better customer service and boost sales. And for smaller teams, AI is great for sparking creativity and innovation, helping you come up with fresh ideas even when it’s just you and your laptop. With the sheer volume of AI tools available, you have access to a world of possibilities no matter the size of your team.




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Keith on the power of content and the importance of tone 


Keith Crockford from The Bucket List Company builds on Andy’s take, going beyond simple task automation and into how AI can amplify human creativity to transform the day-to-day experience of group adventure travel.

One of his top tools is Typing Cloud, an AI platform that understands and adopts the unique voice of individuals and companies. Keith showcased how this technology converts a simple itinerary into a rich, detailed narrative, saving time without compromising on quality. Of course, you need to train it on your tone of voice, but it’s well worth that effort to provide clients something that feels tailor-made when it actually takes mere seconds. 

Another weapon of Keith’s is Sheet GPT, which can make someone who doesn’t know Excel from their elbow look like a social media content king. From a prompt as simple as ‘Gorilla trekking in Uganda’ you can fill a sheet with engaging social posts, complete with hashtags and character limits tailored for each platform, and more. It’s seriously impressive stuff.

Keith finds that these tools exemplify what The Bucket List Company is all about: confidence in its product, a straightforward and accessible approach to technology, and a relentless focus on enhancing customer service. By tailoring their AI tools to understand the company’s voice and the nuances of their audience, Keith and his team deliver experiences that are not just trips but lifelong memories.

He thinks it’s worth investing the time to put a lot of detail about who their ideal customers are, like what they like, how old they are, and even what they don’t like, into your AI system. This way, everything you create is super customised to exactly what your audience wants to see.




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Stephan on AI enhancements and Vamoos’ new venture


Turning to how Vamoos is using AI to supercharge its product, and therefore your clients’ experience, Stephan Nedregaard, Vamoos’ CTO, unveiled a groundbreaking new feature called ‘Imsert’. It’s set to change the game for Vamoos’ users by massively simplifying how you select images for itineraries. 

Recognising that sorting through and choosing images for different trips can be majorly time-consuming, ‘Imsert’ will automatically recommend an image based on your past actions and preferences in Vamoos, your own image library, as well as providing access to an entire catalogue of public images! 

It’s not just smart, it’s actually intuitive – ‘Imsert’ understands the importance of location in your itineraries. For example, if your trip mentions pyramids in Las Vegas, it will suggest images of the local replicas, not the ancient ones in Egypt. This level of specificity extends to recognising the key elements of various tour types, from beach getaways to adventure expeditions, and ensuring the imagery aligns with your brand’s tone of voice and the trip’s theme.

In a live demo, Stephan demonstrated how ‘Imsert’ seamlessly slots into the itinerary creation process. As you input details or select a location, the tool begins to populate with suitable images automatically, predicting your needs in real-time. This means less time browsing for the perfect picture and more time fine-tuning the travel experience for your clients!

Rather than randomly plucking pictures from random corners of the internet, Stefan clarified that the tool primarily calls upon your curated library, learning from your selections to refine its future suggestions. This personalisation ensures that the images remain true to your brand’s identity and relevant to your specific itineraries.




Don’t miss the AI-powered boat for travel…


As our expert panel begin to wrap up their thoughts on AI in travel, one thing becomes abundantly clear: this isn’t just a dream of future possibilities — it’s here, reshaping travel, today. 

AI can serve as a powerful ally, streamlining your tasks and sparking creative ideas. From automating note-taking to instant itineraries and super social posts to Vamoos’ new AI image selection tool, AI is becoming essential to deliver an unparalleled travel experience.

Don’t fall behind the pack, embrace AI to transform your approach to travel planning, client communications, routine admin, upselling, and more. If you’re inspired to see how it can work for you, including our brand-new AI image selection tool, book a meeting with us today.


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