Vamoos is helpful, intuitive and futureproof, and our clients are very happy with the app.

Original Travel have been around for 16 years and counting, and are made up of seasoned travellers who combine their personal insights and exceptional knowledge to provide their customers with memorable trips and experiences.

Gustav, Original Travel’s Technology Manager, was approached by Vamoos back in the very beginning. ‘At the time, we weren’t looking for anything like this, but the idea of having a mobile app where you could have all documents in one place made a lot of sense for us. Looking into it a bit further showed that it was a straightforward and easy to use app, so we decided to go for it. Since then we have been using it more and more, and the majority of our clients are actively using the app.’’

‘The back end system is very easy to use – you make the itinerary and upload the information. This is all we need to do and we could train our people on that very quickly.’ Being one of Vamoos’ first clients in 2013, ‘people were hesitant to download an app, but now everyone wants to become more paperless and have a positive impact on the environment, so people are very happy to download it.’

In 2016, Original Travel made the decision to build their own custom app with Vamoos to give their clients a more luxurious and branded experience. ‘Vamoos is helpful, intuitive, and future proof and our clients are very happy with the app. It is useful, they can see everything offline and it’s easy to use.’

Original Travel are always looking for ways they can make the most out of what Vamoos has to offer, and love seeing how our other partners use it – ‘I think it’s a very good thing that once a year the Vamoos team invite all their partners to an event to showcase what is coming up, and ask for ideas for feature developments for the year ahead. Their partners are all different, but in the end Vamoos will get a good understanding of what people need and will try to incorporate that. I went to the event this year and saw how other clients are using Vamoos features which was really interesting for me to see.’

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