November 3, 2021

In the October LATAM Relais & Châteaux meeting, a few operational tools and guest apps, like Vamoos, were presented to the Relais & Châteaux LATAM members.

The presentation can be viewed here.


And you can find the main takeaways from the Relais & Châteaux webinar below…


Guest Apps like Vamoos, allow luxury properties to improve the guest services, increase upsell and keep everyone in communication. It also allows you to cut costs in these very uncertain times by going paperless and removing phone systems.

Highly visual app to build guest excitement

What makes Vamoos different is that it is incredibly visual, it has been designed to look more like a brochure than an app. This gets your guests excited before, during, and after their stay. Secondly, it is very fast to set up, properties can start sending the app out to the guests only a couple of hours after signing up.


Inform your guests with a rich and dynamic directory

The directory is the engine room of hotels. It is crucial to keep it up-to-date and give guest’s the full picture, with all the information they could need. With Vamoos, properties can easily add pictures, videos, and links to their directory, giving the guests all the information they could possibly want. By using the app directory, properties can eliminate all directory printing costs and also update it in seconds, saving time and money.

Upselling your property

There are several ways that you can upsell your property. One of the most personalised ways is through the Vamoos notifications and messaging. This allows properties to directly contact your guests with offers and suggestions, whether it be promoting your bar’s happy hour, an exclusive spa deal, or a romantic package for two. By placing this information in the palm of their hands, properties are maximising their upsell, and guests are able to make the most out of the offers.

CONNECT with travel companies

Once onboard, properties will have access to Vamoos Connect. This is a collaborative platform that brings travel companies and accommodation providers together, to deliver a seamless guest experience, straight to the guest’s device. It also gives hotels exposure to over 350 of Vamoos’ travel company clients who can quickly add the hotel information to their client’s itineraries.

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