February 27, 2023

The biggest ROI for travel companies is arguably found after the client’s trip is over. How? Engagement. The key to making a holiday ‘the trip of a lifetime’ is the memories your clients create.

And with increased post-trip engagement comes increased chances of a client rebooking. In fact, we’ve seen an astonishing 50% increase in rebooking rates when travel companies use the Vamoos app. Using Inspirations, you can easily show off future holidays clients are sure to love.

But you don’t want to hear that from us – after all, we’re a bit biased. So we went to our clients to find out how they use these features in the real world to build their brands and increase revenue. Here’s what we found out:


Fleewinter: Sharing image-led digital brochures that drive repeat business

Fleewinter’s staff are part-owners of the business, so they’re really incentivised to keep customers coming back. They use Vamoos’ Inspirations feature to showcase other trips while clients are still riding high from their last epic adventure – it’s the best time to plant a seed in your client’s mind and get them hungry for more memory-making. They even go the extra mile by using pre-scheduled notifications to capture clients’ attention, followed up with incredible in-app images to seal the deal and get that booking.


Amizade: Promoting post-trip engagement to build their brand

While Inspirations is great for upselling and rebookings, there’s so much more it can be used for. As a non-profit educational company, Amizade uses it to encourage support and build lasting relationships. 

Whether it’s asking for donations to help a destination community, or connecting clients through social media, Inspirations helps Amizade keep the magic of the trip alive long after it’s over. Most travel companies don’t bother with community building, but in the long run, it can pay off big time – especially in today’s world where anything can be shared at the touch of a button. It’s time to take advantage!


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