August 14, 2023

Our industry guide, ‘How Travel Tech Is Revolutionising Educational Travel’ delves deep into how top educational travel companies are using tech to combat the biggest issues in the industry. Now, we’re giving you a sneak preview of what to expect in the guide by sharing what we discovered about two of the most challenging problems: consistently wowing parents and standing out from the competition. Let’s dive in. 

We’re no longer entering the digital age – we’re in it. This means the time has come for travel companies of all shapes and sizes to adapt. Parents aren’t going to be blown away by a dusty old PowerPoint – they’ve seen it all before! Now, you need a modern solution that not only showcases your trip beautifully but also shows parents you’re a company that’s cutting-edge and worthy of their trust. 

By putting tech to work for you, you can also automate or replace common tasks like sending emails and notifications, updating school reps on logistical changes, and creating printed information packs. Not only does this ease the strain on travel company staff, but it distinguishes your business as a highly credible, forward-thinking enterprise. It also empowers you to cut down on paper and move toward a more sustainable future. That’s what we’d call a big win-win-win. 


Blow parents away with stunning visuals and easy trip-tracking

“Orbis specialises in hands-on and participatory field-based programs within local communities. What we do is vital for the rural communities we work with, so we really need parents to buy into the trip to get as many students as possible on board. 

Vamoos allows us to build beautiful itineraries in minutes by reusing existing templates. Parents are always wowed by the imagery and professionalism in our proposals and a lot of that is down to Vamoos.”

Dominic Webb, Founder and MD – Orbis Expeditions


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Even if teachers and school reps are all in on a trip, parents will still need to sign off – and pay – before it goes ahead. After years of clunky PowerPoints and paper printouts, Vamoos will make jaws hit the floor thanks to our highly visual, image-led itineraries.

Built using Vamoos, itineraries can be updated in minutes and reused in seconds, saving you time while delivering all the info parents could want in a fresh, engaging format. Parents can even download the Vamoos app themselves, empowering them to track trip changes and get notifications about the trip in real time.


Stand out from the crowd with an unbeatable digital service 


















“Vamoos really took some of the pressure off. It has allowed us that vital free time to try and communicate with our travellers more effectively, with excellent results. 

It’s been really helpful to have the countdown timer, too. It adds a fun feature for the travellers and the students to get involved with and really builds excitement for everyone ahead of a trip.”

Lauren Taylor, Director of Communications – Joshua Expeditions


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Vamoos can take your already impeccable customer service to new heights. With automatic communications set up to arrive exactly when your clients need them, they’ll wonder how you knew what they needed before they did. 

It’s stand-out features like these that help grow your brand recognition and loyalty. Combined with branded features that clients love, like our personal countdown timer, schools and parents will be buzzing to secure a booking with you.



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