January 6, 2023

Engagement after a client’s trip is over is arguably the biggest opportunity for travel companies in terms of return on investment. Because the key to making a holiday ‘the trip of a lifetime’ is the memories your clients create. The real question is: how do you make them think of you and not just the trip itself? 

The answer: post-trip engagement. With increased post-trip engagement comes increased chances of a client rebooking. In fact, we’ve seen an astonishing 50% increase in rebooking rates when travel companies use the Vamoos app.

Read on to discover more of the ways our travel company clients are using tech to enhance the post-trip portion of the customer journey – or click here to read our full guide for free,  including 20 best practice examples.


Offer an image-led digital brochure that drives repeat business



Fleewinter are high-service, customised holiday designers, whose staff are part-owners of the business,  specialising in a few destinations. They create breathtaking packages that could tempt even the most reserved travellers to get out there, but how do they get these trips the exposure they deserve?

Their secret weapon: Inspirations. Vamoos’ Inspirations feature unlocks the ability for Fleewinter to start selling other tours while clients are still riding high from their last adventure. They send prescheduled notifications after a trip, taking clients to stunning, image-led digital brochures that often seal the deal.

“Inspirations means our clients can start daydreaming about their next holiday post-trip! We send them notifications with suggestions quite soon after they’re back home and still buzzing from their time with us. Vamoos has actually helped us increase our rebooking rates by more than 50%, and Inspirations is definitely part of that”.

Jenna Kearns, Costa Rica, Peru & India Product Owner, Fleewinter


Promote post-trip engagement to stay connected



Amizade, a global service-learning non-profit, connects students, individual travellers, faculty members, and groups for volunteer and study-abroad opportunities. By thinking outside the box, they’ve made Inspirations work for them in ways we didn’t even think of.

While Inspirations is great for upselling, there’s so much more it can be used for. As an education company, Amizade uses it to encourage support and build lasting relationships. Whether it’s asking for donations to help a destination community or connecting clients through social media, Inspirations helps Amizade keep the magic of the trip alive long after it’s over.

“Our trips are designed to have a lasting impact and we really like using the Inspirations as a kind of post-trip reflection, to allow students to stay connected on social media, reflect on their time away, promote supporting the communities they have visited and attend future trips with us. It’s a great way to connect the students after their trip has finished”.

Katie Baucco, Director of Operations, Amizade


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