April 24, 2020

We wanted to better understand what benefits Vamoos provided for our customers directly, in addition to enhancing their clients experience and adding value at each stage of their processes.

Using data we have analysed, which consisted of 8 years of bookings covering before and after the use of Vamoos, and included a total of 20,000 passenger trips, we have been able to conclude the following:


Directly before and directly after the introduction of Vamoos, the number of rebookings from clients double.


The Vamoos app has a lot of functionality that is likely to encourage rebooking through the same tour operator after using the app on a trip.

The most useful features include having all documentation in one place, having the ability to access information offline, and having access to maps which will always show the user where in the world they are, and where they need to be for accommodation, activities, and more.

A Vamoos end user gave us some feedback after returning from a trip, and stated ‘I have recommended the company to many friends and would love to go back myself’.


Looking at data purely since Vamoos was introduced, clients who downloaded and used Vamoos are 50% more likely to rebook than a client who did not use Vamoos.


Not only does the app have a number of useful features to help with rebooking rates, but ‘Inspirations’ also encourages rebooking. This feature allows travel companies to advertise details of their other trips in a unique and easy to consume way.

Using the feature to share details of activities or upgraded accommodation, for example, also enables upselling during the trip. If the client is interested, they can contact the company directly through the app. Magnetic North have had great success with this feature and have had clients rebook purely because of the app.

You can read their full case study here.


People who use Vamoos are 35% more likely to tick the highest option on a customer satisfaction survey than those clients who do not use Vamoos.


Vamoos is not just to be used during a trip, but can be very effective for processes prior to departure, such as sharing itineraries, confirmations, local information etc.

The app means there is no need for multiple back and forth on email between company and client, and everything in the app can be updated whenever, where ever. It also means nothing needs to be printed, saving the travel company time and money, and also saves the client from carrying round a folder full of documents.

A Vamoos end user left feedback saying ‘the app made the trip more real, and and something to look forward to enormously’, and even after returning home from their trip stated ‘I still look through it now’.


Over 98% of clients who used Vamoos were completely satisfied with their trip.


For a client to acknowledge that they are completely satisfied with a trip will clearly take into account more than just the app. This would have also meant that their service, accommodation, activities, and much more all met, or exceeded expectations. What we can establish from this statistic, is that the vast majority were really happy with their trip and the service they were provided, a big part of which was down to Vamoos.

Although we cannot categorically say that Vamoos was the sole reason for these satisfaction and rebooking rates, we are confident that the experience that Vamoos had to offer in these played a big part in these results.


What does Vamoos ROI look like?

We wanted to take this data one step further and show the actual return on investment that each travel company could experience with Vamoos, subject to the data we have collected above and specific assumptions. Depending on the number of passengers a travel company has annually, you could see the following ROI:

This data is assuming the following:

– 10% of customer will rebook the following year without Vamoos, 15% of Vamoos users will rebook
– Average booking value of £1500 per passenger
– Net margin after variable costs (eg commissions, ATOL fee) of 15%
– 75% of customers use Vamoos

This ROI doesn’t take into account the further benefit that could be seen from cost saving through reduced mailing costs, resource time, and increased word of mouth promotion from clients to other prospects, either face to face or on social media and online reviews.

Everyone company is different and we so would be happy to help you calculate how Vamoos can help you to increase loyalty and drive profit.

We are confident in the benefits we provide our clients, and the experience we provide end users. Sign up for a free trial to find out why, and get access to the entire suite of Vamoos features, online training, and support from the Vamoos team.

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