April 24, 2020

Thanks to our customers, we already know that Vamoos dramatically enhances the client experience at each stage of their journey. Just take a look at some of our customer stories to see for yourself. But we wanted to understand how Vamoos benefits our customers directly, in terms of bookings and, ultimately, the bottom line. 

We’ve analysed a whopping 8 years of data, covering bookings before and after the use of Vamoos,  including a total of 20,000 passenger trips. This is what were able to conclude…


From directly before to directly after the introduction of Vamoos, the number of rebookings from clients doubled.


We’d say that’s pretty damn good. In fact, it’s one of our proudest achievements. And it’s no fluke – the Vamoos app has loads of functionality, like Inspirations, that’s designed to encourage rebooking through the same tour operator after using the app on a trip. 

One Vamoos end-user sent us some feedback after returning from a trip. This is what they had to say: ‘I’ve recommended the company to many friends of mine, and would love to go back myself!’. Not only are they likely to rebook, but they’re also encouraging others to do the same, increasing the value of that customer exponentially. 

We also looked at data comparing clients who used Vamoos on-trip to those who opted not to. Here’s what we found:


Since Vamoos was introduced, clients who downloaded and used Vamoos are 50% more likely to rebook than a client who did not use Vamoos.


We think a large part of that is down to Inspirations. This feature allows travel companies to advertise details of their other trips in a unique and easy-to-consume way, using stunning destination imagery to capture their attention and seal the deal. 

And using Inspirations to share details of activities or accommodation upgrades, among other things, empowers you to upsell during the trip. If the client is interested, they can contact the company directly through the app. Our client, Magnetic North, has had great success using this feature to upsell and rebook, and has even had clients rebook purely because of the app.


Read their full case study here


But it’s not just post-trip that Vamoos has a huge impact. We made another observation from our 8 years of data. Take a look:


Clients who use Vamoos are 35% more likely to tick the highest option on a customer satisfaction survey than those who do not use Vamoos.


You see, Vamoos isn’t just for during and after a trip, it’s also a game-changer for processes prior to departure, like sharing itineraries, confirmations, local information, and anything else you can think of!

With Documents, there’s no need for emails going back and forth between the company and the client. Everything can be uploaded to the app and can be updated whenever, where ever. It also means nothing needs to be printed, saving the travel company time and money, and removing the need for clients to carry around a folder full of paper.

Combine that with our host of other features and you’re looking at some very, very satisfied customers. In fact… 


Over 98% of clients who used Vamoos were completely satisfied with their trip.


Now, we know that for a client to acknowledge that they are completely satisfied with a trip, they’ll be taking into account more than just the app. This would have also meant that their service, accommodation, and activities met or exceeded expectations. But what we can establish from this statistic is that 98% is a huge percentage – the vast majority were really happy with their trip and the service they were provided, a big part of which was down to Vamoos.


So, what does ROI look like if you use Vamoos?

We wanted to take this data one step further and show the actual return on investment that each travel company could experience with Vamoos, subject to the data we have collected above and specific assumptions around passenger numbers. Depending on the number of passengers a travel company has annually, you could see the following ROI:

This data is assuming that:

  • 10% of customers will rebook the following year without Vamoos, 15% of Vamoos users will rebook
  • Average booking value is £1500 per passenger
  • Net margin after variable costs (eg commissions, ATOL fee) is 15%
  • 75% of customers use Vamoos


We know that every company is different and these numbers might not apply to you – don’t worry! We’d be more than happy to help you calculate how Vamoos can help you to increase loyalty and drive profit.

If you like what you’ve read here, sign up for a free trial to get access to the entire suite of Vamoos features, online training, and support from the Vamoos team. Or, if you’d like to chat about what Vamoos could do for your clients specifically, book a meeting using the link below. We’ve worked with every sector from education to yachting and jungle treks to boutique luxury stays, so we’re confident we can make Vamoos work for you. 


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