October 11, 2022

“We believe that customers’ expectations should always be exceeded.”

That was the headline message from our latest Vamoos webinar “Give Your Guests the Right Information at the Right Time”

It may sound like a tough ask. Surely it’s enough to just meet guest expectations? But why not always strive to outdo yourselves? Especially when it’s so easy. 

Being better at communication is one of the simplest ways to help exceed guest expectations. Get 15 tips in 15 minutes on how to do it by watching a replay of our webinar below:


Upsell and Cross-Sell Better

By using Vamoos’s gallery section to give your guests a real glimpse of what they have in store for them during their stay, you can entice them into, for example, a room upgrade, much more effectively than if you just send an email. 

And when they’ve arrived at your hotel, tell them what’s going on. Give guests restaurant and spa menus, activity timetables, and direct booking links right at their fingertips. Use notifications to alert them about a cancellation in the restaurant or happy hour at the bar. 

When guests have all that information to hand, they’re much more likely to take advantage of the extras on offer. This means added value for you, but also for your guests because they get the most out of their stay.

Save Staff Time

Your staff are your most valuable asset. So use them well. That means not having them answer straightforward questions that are in your hotel directory, a common occurrence when the directory is back in a guest’s room in a binder.

The digital directory is the hub of the Vamoos app for hotels. It’s the one-stop shop for all the information your guests might need, and with Vamoos, it’s always in your guests’ hands. Updatable in seconds, searchable, and interactive, it gives guests information exactly when they need it. The same is true of the Vamoos Points of Interest feature which allows you to share your expert local knowledge to recommend favourite restaurants, activity spots, and much more.

And to help your staff communicate better with guests in a much more efficient way, there’s Vamoos’s 24/7 in-app messaging feature. This, of course, does not replace invaluable face-to-face interaction but allows guests to make enquiries from anywhere in your hotel. Perhaps they need a fresh towel in their room or another drink by the pool; they can ask for it through the messenger.

Improve The Guest Experience

Arrival is one of the key moments for guests. It’s when they get their first impression of your hotel and your staff. So make arrival as smooth as possible with digital check-in via Vamoos, which means all guests need to do is pick up their key and head to their room.

Vamoos also has a new feature to ensure that language is never a barrier to your guests getting what they need. Vamoos now allows you to communicate with guests in seven different languages, and that’s just the start. 

Learning from your guests is also the best way to improve. So let them communicate their feelings to you when they’re leaving by linking to your preferred feedback forms in the app. Feedback is vital and with Vamoos you can make it as easy as possible for guests to provide it.

Increase Rebookings

Vamoos also make it as easy as possible for you to stay in touch with guests and encourage them to return on their next trip.

Our Inspirations feature acts as a digital brochure that you can use to tempt guests back. You can provide them with seasonal offers after they’ve left, perhaps to persuade them to return for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Or you can detail any sister properties that they will also love if they’ve had a great time at your hotel.

Vamoos is proven to increase rebookings by up to 50 percent. And it’s for the simple reason that the app means you can keep in touch with guests and give them easy access to making another booking with you.

​​To start exceeding guest expectations every time, try Vamoos for yourself.
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