April 5, 2022


The luxury traveller has changed significantly over the past two years. To discover exactly what their demands now are, Vamoos hosted an event called Luxury Guest Expectations in 2022. A unique insight with Scott Dunn.

Guests Want More Detail Than Ever
“Knowledge is king,” is how facilitator Jules Perowne, CEO of Perowne International, put it. Guests want to know every last detail of their trip before they set off. They need more hand-holding than ever.

Scott Dunn CEO Sonia Davies explained that what used to typically be a 15-minute pre-departure call with guests now regularly lasts over an hour. That requires a lot of extra resources from travel companies and hotels, but it’s what guests now expect.

Enthusiasm Has Rarely Been Higher
Despite inevitably heightened anxiety around travel, enthusiasm has not been dampened. As Scott Dunn’s Global Sales & Product Director Simon Lynch told the event: “People are desperate to travel.”

So while travellers may need more detail from you and are more demanding than ever, they’re also more excited than ever to get back out there.

Tech Has a Big Role to Play
Effective use of technology is the best way to respond to guests’ increased need for detail and desire to be enthralled by their trip.

Vamoos CEO ​​Alisdair Luxmoore explained that too many people think tech is the opposite of high-touch service. But, he explained, “you can use technology both to get rid of some of the dull, repetitive, less exciting stuff, but also to enhance some of the really exciting stuff.”



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