October 22, 2020

If you’ve explored hotel apps in the past and decided they weren’t worth your time, you’re not alone. Perhaps you thought they were too corporate-looking, or too complicated, or too difficult to update, or too expensive. Many of them are all these things. But not the Vamoos Hotel App.

With Vamoos, you can have your own branded, experiential app that is both stunning to look at and easy to use. (And it doesn’t cost the earth.) Here’s how:


Quick and Easy to Update

Vamoos is designed to make things easier, not harder, so anyone can update it instantly. This means your guests can always have the latest information available to them at the tap of a button.

And if you need to update a menu, or change room details, or inform your guests of the latest activities, it takes only seconds.


No Tech Support Needed 

Vamoos does not require a computer science degree to operate. Once you’ve got it set up, you’re free to play at your leisure. You can change your images, add documents, and upload videos all without any tech support so that you can always show off your luxury resort at its best.


Bespoke Feel

Vamoos is an off-the-shelf product but it can be endlessly adapted. It looks bespoke, but you don’t need to put in the hours to develop it from scratch—that work’s already been done.

With very little effort, you can present your guests with a fully customised, branded app that will ooze class and luxury, and enhance every stay.


Watch now: How Tewkesbury Park created a holiday style experience with Vamoos



Vamoos is not flat-pack. It’s not one-size-fits-all. With Vamoos, you can have a fully personalised app reflecting the needs and wants of each guest that steps through your doors.

By providing guests with local points of interest, hidden gem recommendations, beautiful images, up-to-date travel news, and in-app instant-messaging, you can guarantee they get more than they ever thought possible out of their stay with you.



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