August 11, 2021

British travellers are bored of being at home. But they will soon be able to return to your hotel. So we asked a panel of experts at our latest event with Hummingbird Travel what to expect from British travellers in the post-COVID world. Watch the recorded replay below:


Cater for Family and Friends

A trend that both Jack Eden, founder of Eden Villas, and Hummingbird’s Sanka Wijeyakulasuriya highlighted was an increased desire to spend as much time as possible with friends and family.

“Look at areas of the hotel where there are private spaces for friends and family to gather and be together and enjoy their own company,” said Jack. “People just want to be in their own bubble with people they haven’t seen for well over a year. We need to cater our service towards that.


Give them Something New

“This next trip, this first long-haul trip back, is going to be special. People are going to want better trips, longer trips, and a richness of experience.” That’s the view of Vamoos CEO Alisdair Luxmoore, and it is backed up by Experience Travel Group’s recent survey.

Sam Clark, co-founder of ETG, said that the key with British travellers is to “make them feel special and show them something they just would not be able to see on their own”. They’ve been on their own, surrounded by the familiar, for months. They are hungry for new experiences.


Breed Confidence with Personalisation 

British travellers are also going to be nervous. Post-COVID travel is different to how it was before. Personalisation and rich information are the best ways to put travellers at ease.

“What travellers want is more confidence,” says Manoj Devaraj of Tear Drop Hotels. “Clear messaging is one big vital point. Apps like Vamoos can give more information about the area they’re staying in, or maps, or what they can do in the locality.”

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