August 12, 2021

We’re all in the business of creating unforgettable experiences. From the moment your guests step foot in the lobby, to the moment you wave them off to the airport, you constantly want to ensure they have the very best stay.

Here at Vamoos, we’ve been working hard this year to bring you brand new and exciting features that will help you further show your guests what unforgettable really means. Find out how and watch the recorded replay below:



Here are the key highlights for hotels and villas:

Use Your Expertise
You know your hotel and its locale better than anyone, and guests want your insights.

With Vamoos’s enhanced points of interest feature, you can do just that, says Partner Relationship Manager Oliver Preece: “Guests likely don’t know anything about the local area. Points of interest allow you to show off your specialised knowledge. And rather than guests having to spend their own time and effort looking for recommendations, they know they’re getting expert local advice from you.” That’s just about the best personal touch you can provide.

Utah’s Red Mountain Resort get the most out of this feature by pairing their own insights with stunning imagery and relevant links, making life as easy as possible for guests.


Stay In Touch
There’s no better way to show off your personality than engaging with your guests. But that doesn’t necessarily mean at the reception desk or over the phone any more. Because now with Vamoos’s in-app messaging, you and your guests can chat from anywhere.

“Messaging has been absolutely revolutionary,” says Vamoos CEO Alisdair Luxmoore, “it’s just so much easier for guests. Whether they need a new towel or want to book a spa or order drinks. And we’ve seen significant proof of upselling as a result. So it’s both a service benefit and a revenue benefit.”


Here are the highlights for travel companies:

Make Life Simple
“Our biggest new feature,” says Vamoos CEO Alisdair Luxmoore, “is Vamoos Connect. This was our ultimate vision. The beauty of it is it saves enormous amounts of time. As a travel company, I can link to hotels knowing I’ve got the latest information with literally a tickbox.”

Through Vamoos Connect, travel companies can provide clients with full hotel information at the tap of a button, to go alongside all their rich trip information. So customers now have everything they could possibly need on Vamoos. It’s as simple as that.


Tempt Clients Back
The other odd thing about a trip of a lifetime, is often people want more than one. That’s where Vamoos’s Inspirations feature comes in, which Steppes Travel use to stunning effect.

“More than ever,” says Partner Relationship Manager Oliver Preece, “Inspirations is one of the most important features. People want to travel again. And to showcase all the amazing opportunities you have, you can highlight them through Inspirations. This can be when clients are on-trip, or for when people get back from their holiday.”

Because when clients return from an amazing trip, all they’ll think about is where to go next. Inspirations allows you to offer them immediate answers.


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