August 11, 2021

In a list of ‘Top 10 Things the Travel Industry Doesn’t Want To Hear’, the accusation that it is “failing to meet the demands of the modern traveller” would likely rank near the top.

Unfortunately, though, that is the conclusion of the latest Customer Service Benchmark Report from Netomi. And the key issue is communication. Or more accurately, the lack of it.

Seventy percent of customer emails, says the report, go unanswered, as do 46 percent of social messages. And even when emails are responded to, key information that would answer a customer’s question is included less than half the time. The mind genuinely boggles. Surely this is hospitality 101? And a failure to provide decent customer service will, inevitably, lead to reduced revenue, with a massive ​​82 percent of customers saying they have stopped doing business with a company due to poor support.

So the question is: how do you solve these communication problems and keep customers happy? Answer: with Vamoos’ in-app instant-messaging feature.


Reduces Number of Communication Channels
One of the problems with communication in 2021 is the sheer number of channels available to everyone. Across phone, email, and multiple social media accounts, it can be a challenge to keep on top of it all.

Vamoos, though, has its own in-built messenger which means once a guest or client has downloaded the app after they’ve booked, that is the only channel they will need.


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Gives Customers What They Want
According to Netomi vice-president Can Ozdoruk: “The pressure to improve customer support was already hitting the industry pre-COVID, and the demand for quick, personalized, and effortless interactions has only taken off.”

That is not a huge surprise. Messaging is now what we’re all used to. Whether it’s texts or WhatsApps, that’s how we communicate with friends and family. So let your customers communicate with you that way too, making them comfortable and confident that they can get in touch when needed.


Frees Up Staff
So much staff time is wasted manning phones. But with instant messaging, they get that time back. Because it doesn’t just provide your guests and clients with the flexibility and mobility they want, your staff get that too. Meaning you can be much more efficient with how you communicate. And that means more time spent ensuring an even more personal and effective service.


Engages At The Right Time
Personal, informative, engaging communication with your customers should begin from the moment they make their booking, not just when their trip is about to start. And it should continue after they have returned home.

Instant messaging makes this kind of comprehensive communication easy because it’s informal, efficient, and impactful. A Monday morning message to a customer whose trip is a month away that gives them a little taste of what’s in store for them is going to cheer them up no end. And is going to make them more excited than ever.

It’s so simple to stand out and go above and beyond when it comes to customer communication; and not only is it genuinely good service, it’s also the best way of keeping them coming back again and again.



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