October 20, 2020

COVID-19 has been, and continues to be, expensive for the hotel industry. According to McKinsey, the luxury industry has been hit the hardest, with less than 15 percent occupancy back in early May compared to 40 percent at economy hotels, and that is expected to be mirrored in respective recovery times.

Add that to the time, money and energy expended in putting in new protocols because of COVID, and re-training staff to ensure adherence to those rules, and it is no surprise many in the luxury hotel industry are somewhat gloomy.

But help is at hand in the shape of the Vamoos Hotel App, which can save you both time and money while also enhancing the experience of each and every one of your guests. Here’s how:


Making your Staff More Effective

Vamoos puts every bit of information your guests might need into their pocket and accessible at the tap of a button, so your staff no longer need to answer the most basic questions.

If a guest wants to know when lunch is, they can find out on your app. Or what treatments are available at the spa. Or what lovely local restaurant you would recommend. The list goes on.

By using Vamoos, your staff are freed up to focus on the things technology can’t do, namely caring for your guests.


Increasing Upselling Opportunities

With Vamoos, upselling your spa, your restaurants or your activities to your guests long before they arrive does not come in the form of a generic email or a tacky promotion. It is organic and unobtrusive, and so much more likely to be effective.


Going Paperless

It’s time to get rid of the paper. It’s a waste of time of money. The maps, the room directories, the menus, the wi-fi codes, the weather updates. Why are they all still on paper when, in every other aspect of our lives, we’d use our phones to get that information?

By putting all your paper on to Vamoos, making changes to a menu or a schedule no longer involves a costly and lengthy re-print, it can be done with the tap of a button.


Watch now: How Budock Vean uses Vamoos to get rid of paper and actually improved guest experience


Preventing Wasteful High-Capital Investment

Why shell out potentially $400 per room kitting out your resort with tablets when you don’t have to? Just about every guest that comes to your hotel has a smart device in their pocket or their bag, and what’s more, they know how to use it.

By adopting Vamoos, you can avoid expensive and wasteful investments while providing a service that is more mobile—because guests will have it everywhere they go, not just in their room—and more personalised. Read this blog post about how Vamoos is so flexible, it works exactly how you and your guests need it to


Putting you in Full Control

Vamoos puts you in full control without the need for IT support or agencies. It’s completely adaptable and easy to use meaning you can present your guests with a unique, branded and fully up-to-date resource that will aid them throughout their stay.


Promoting Rebooking

Vamoos means that you can stay closely in touch with your guests even after they have left. You can remind them of the glorious time they had with you and entice them back with the promise of another faultless stay.



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