October 19, 2021

There are more than 24 features available on Vamoos for hotel guests. Here are the three that we found out they like the most.

They want their hotel to be available 24/7

Today guests are used to instant communication. Vamoos allows hotels to stay in contact with their guests 24/7 with the messaging functionality, and start communicating with them before they even arrive. Once they are in the property, they want to be able to get in touch with reception or order their services how they do most often – via their phone.

They look for trusted personalised advice 

Your guests rely on hotel staff for the best recommended restaurants, museums, walks, cafes and other local gems. They are expecting a holiday experience both in and outside the hotel. The Vamoos app allows to show off hotels personalised service and encourage guests to visit favourite hidden spots.

They want all information at their fingertips 

Guests love having all hotel information on their phones before arrival so that they can explore what activities are available and when they could do them, be it a spa, golf or other services.  They love having all wifi codes and restaurant menus in one place, nicely organised, a tap away. Personalised and always up to date hotel directory help them to find all the property information in one place. 

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