June 2, 2023

Tailormade travel companies are true experts in understanding their client needs and matching them to fantastic travel experiences. We have taken a look at four key stages of client interaction: sales consultation, pre-travel comms, on-trip experience, and post-travel comms.


Sales consultation: Getting to know the client

Great travel companies know their stuff inside out. They’ve got a wealth of knowledge about their products and services, and they put that expertise to work by asking clients lots of questions. They are great at understanding their client travel needs, preferences, and expectations. By digging deep and tailoring itineraries, they create a truly personalized experiences.


Pre-travel comms: Bridge the gap

Now, let’s tackle pre-travel communication. Travel companies tend to drop the ball a bit in this area. Sure, they take client deposit and follow-up with a call and a few emails just before their clients jet off. But in today’s fast-paced world, that’s not enough. Clients want more and up to date travel information, and they want it now! Most companies will mail beautiful travel wallets, but let’s be real – today’s travellers crave real-time updates and immediate answers to their burning questions.


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Holiday logistics: smooth sailing, stress-free adventures

Travel companies excel when it comes to actual holiday experience. They’ve got it all figured out. From managing transfers to ensuring clients stays in hotels that fit their traveling style. Need a knowledgeable guide? They’ve got that covered too. They meticulously organize transportation and take care of all the little details so that their clients can kick back, relax, and fully immerse themselves in their incredible journey.


Post-holiday comms: Keep the conversation going

Last but not least, there is a post-holiday communication. Travel companies are pros at this. They genuinely care about your feedback because they want to improve and make your next trip even better. They reach out to their clients to understand what worked and what didn’t during the holiday. They continuously fine-tune their guide selection, hotel choices and activities. Plus they know that word-of-mouth recommendations are pure gold.

Here’s the bottom line: pre-travel communication is a golden opportunity for travel companies to shine and boost their rebooking rates. The journey begins even before travellers  set foot in their dream destinations, and those who master pre-travel communication are the ones who will create a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and boost their rebooking rates.

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