May 1, 2024

There are so many factors to consider when choosing an integrator for your travel business. What type of clients are their solutions tailored towards? Which features do they integrate with on the Vamoos app? Are they specialists in a particular type of software? To make things easier, we’re introducing you to our integration partners, and sharing what makes them stand out.



Meet Spark Travel!

Spark is a customisable travel management system for tour operators, DMCs and independent agents. They provide support to their clients during the sales process with CRM and beautiful web-based itineraries, as well as supporting a range of back-office tasks, including itinerary building, quote and document creation, accounting integration and supplier management.

Spark Travel pride themselves on their excellent customer service and user-friendly system, which intuitively organises all of their clients’ end-to-end processes. Their focus is on automating as many processes as possible, with seamless and comprehensive integrations, and providing their clients with customised experiences.



How do Spark Travel approach integration with Vamoos?


Spark’s fully-automated system allows their customers to efficiently integrate with Vamoos. At the simple touch of a button, key details, like flight and itinerary information, are sent directly to Vamoos, creating a record in the app within minutes.

The Spark team then provide their clients with a unique User ID and passcode for each trip, which they can share with the end user. After a record has been created in the Vamoos system, Spark’s clients can also choose which documents they would like to send across, giving them more control over the information they’re sharing.



What differentiates Spark Travel?


What makes Spark Travel stand out is their willingness to adapt, grow and make their system even more streamlined, in order to better meet the needs of their clients. The team continues to enhance the level of control given to Spark customers, and are always considering new ways to improve the integration process.

Spark have many planned advancements, including integrating with Notifications and providing extra configurations to their clients, so they can more accurately define how hotel descriptions are displayed in the Vamoos app. Spark also aspire to take integration to the next level; with one simple click, they aim to push across hotel and accommodation information and set up a profile directly in the Vamoos system.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Spark Travel integrate with?


Spark integrate with the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard), Documents, Flights, Maps, Weather and Points of Interest (POIs), and integration with Notifications is also currently in the works. What’s more, Spark are always keen to adapt to their clients’ needs, and are open to the prospect of integrating with other features, if there’s a demand for it.

In the following video, Simon from Spark Travel talks through the step-by-step process of syncing an itinerary with Vamoos. With a single click, all desired content is pushed into the Vamoos system, effortlessly producing detailed daily itineraries directly within the app.





Contact details:


Tel: +44 203 875 5223

Email: [email protected]




Meet PEAK 15!



PEAK 15 is a comprehensive tour operator software platform, designed for use by FITs, adventure travel companies, leisure travel agencies, DMCs and scheduled tour operators. The team are highly knowledgeable, with 15 years of hands-on development experience. Running on a cloud-based system, PEAK 15’s solutions use automation to support a range of processes, including budgeting, booking, vendor management, itinerary building, accounting and CRM.


How do PEAK 15 approach integration with Vamoos?


The PEAK 15 system is designed to streamline the booking and travel management process for their clients. Travel companies submit customer information, key documents and other details to the PEAK 15 system, where it is efficiently forwarded to Vamoos, automatically generating visually stunning itineraries that wow the end users.

PEAK 15 then share the uniquely generated User ID and passcode with their client, providing them with access to their personalised record, directly in the Vamoos mobile app. This simplifies the travel management experience for tour operators and travel companies, who are not required to manually log into the Vamoos portal and input their customers’ travel information.


What differentiates PEAK 15? 


PEAK 15 provide a one-stop shop to their clients, by supporting a variety of different operations on one integrated platform. They seek to enhance the customer experience where possible, by implementing automated processes, like autopay.

PEAK 15 also pride themselves on their flexible and open-minded approach to travel, and believe that no two tour operators have exact the same needs. They tailor itineraries to suit their clients’ individual preferences, and are always happy to make amendments to better meet their requirements.


Which features on the Vamoos app do PEAK 15 integrate with?


The features PEAK 15 integrate with include the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard) and Documents.


Which tour operators and travel companies do PEAK 15 work with?Contact details:


Tel: +1 888 473 2515

Email: [email protected]




Meet Servico!



Servico is a Belgian software company, which has been in business for 40 years. They provide a comprehensive back-office system to a range of tour operators and travel agencies across Belgium, and boast a diverse portfolio of solutions, including their SwingTour and SwingContent modules.



How do Servico approach integration with Vamoos?


The Vamoos system is integrated with Servico’s SwingTour module, which functions as a tour operator back-office, and their SwingContent module, a content management system where travel agencies and tour operators can store all of their rich content, linked to locations, accommodations, destinations and Point of Interests (POIs).

During the integration process, Servico’s clients submit all relevant trip information to their system. It gathers conveniently in their back-office and combines with content in their content database, before the record is submitted seamlessly to Vamoos. A unique User ID and passcode is automatically generated for each trip, which Servico can then pass on to the end user.



What differentiates Servico?


Servico make the booking management process effortless for their clients, who, with a few simple clicks, can generate visually stunning and fully functional records within the Vamoos app. Their speed of integration also makes them stand out, as they ensure that entering information into the Vamoos app is a quick and efficient process.

The Servico team always strive to provide their clients with a personal touch. During integration, Servico add location-specific Points of Interest (POIs), like destination highlights and local activity recommendations, to each record, which helps to create personalised and richly detailed itineraries.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Servico integrate with?


The features Servico integrate with include the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard), Notifications, Documents, Points of Interest (POIs), Flights, Inspirations and Maps.



Which tour operators and travel companies do Servico work with?




Contact details:


Tel: +321 576 74 10

Email: [email protected]



Meet Sugati!



Sugati is a travel tech company, whose solutions are catered towards two different types of clients; those who sell bespoke, luxury holidays and those selling group tour holidays. Supporting a global clientele, Sugati’s solutions have been smoothly running on Salesforce since 2011.



How do Sugati approach integration with Vamoos?


Sugati’s solutions run exclusively on Salesforce, meaning they are experts in this particular CRM. At the simple touch of a button, Sugati seamlessly transfer all relevant information from their systems into the Vamoos app, creating a record within a matter of seconds. By integrating with the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard) feature, they allow their clients to produce comprehensive daily itineraries, featuring booking invoices, detailed documents and beautiful imagery.



What differentiates Sugati? 


Whereas tour operators and travel agents typically use separate systems to accept payments, process bookings and receive enquiries, Sugati’s solutions allow their clients to store all of their data in one inclusive location. This guarantees that the process of transferring information and documents is a streamlined and uncomplicated experience for their clients.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Sugati integrate with?


Sugati integrate with Documents, Maps, Points of Interest (POIs) and the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard).



Contact details:


Email: [email protected]




Meet Dolphin Dynamics!


Dolphin Dynamics is a travel software company, which develops reservation and back-office systems for tour operators, leisure travel agents and travel management companies. Their enquiry and booking management software automates daily admin tasks and enables travel businesses to browse and book suppliers. They help to optimise their clients’ services, by providing deeper insights about their customers, using Dolphin’s integrated CRM capabilities.

Dolphin is scalable, configurable and easy-to-use. The convenient platform is supported by first-class service, achieving a 96% satisfaction rating from its customers.



How do Dolphin Dynamics approach integration with Vamoos?


By integrating with Vamoos, Dolphin allow travel agents and tour operators to effortlessly send their clients’ documents, flight details and day-by-day breakdowns of their holidays to the Vamoos app, directly from the Dolphin platform.

While many travel agencies and tour operators manually type up their customers’ information, the data recorded in the Dolphin booking automatically generates rich daily itineraries in the Vamoos mobile app, saving time and energy for their clients.



What differentiates Dolphin Dynamics?


By using automation where possible to streamline admin tasks, Dolphin Dynamics reduce the need for manual work, and ensure that the booking and travel management process is as efficient as possible for their clients.

Dolphin also boasts strong product loading functions and the ability to create pre-defined packages, which are popular with independent specialist tour operators, who use both contracted and live connections to ground handlers and flight providers.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Dolphin Dynamics integrate with?


Dolphin Dynamics integrate with the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard), Maps, Flights and Documents.



Which tour operators and travel companies do Dolphin Dynamics work with?

Contact details:


Tel: +44 20 8394 6000

Email: [email protected]



Meet Traverse Automation!


Traverse Automation is a software company, whose team of intelligent automation specialists use data, AI solutions and automation to ensure a smooth travel experience for their clients. The Traverse team are highly experienced, and have been helping travel businesses to automate for over 16 years.



How do Traverse Automation approach integration with Vamoos?


Traverse seamlessly integrate with Vamoos to simplify the travel experience for each of their customers. From travel documents and accommodation details, to destination insights and flight information, travellers enjoy a comprehensive experience within a single, user-friendly application.

Travellers also receive real-time holiday booking updates directly within the Vamoos app, from the moment their reservation has been confirmed. Using a data warehouse integration system, Traverse ensure that all relevant booking details have been conveniently consolidated, allowing for effortless travel management.

The following video illustrates how Traverse Automation conveniently integrate Simpson Travel’s system with Vamoos.


What differentiates Traverse Automation?


What really makes Traverse Automation stand out is their accuracy and speed of integration with multiple systems. They are committed to reducing costs, helping companies to become more scalable, and returning valuable hours back to the business, by minimising error rates.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Traverse Automation integrate with?


Traverse integrate with Documents, Flights, Notifications and Points of Interest (POIs).



Which tour operators and travel companies do Traverse Automation work with?




Contact details:


Tel: +44 1928 352 084

Email: [email protected]




Meet Anteeo Solutions!

Anteeo Solutions is a travel software company, providing a booking and management platform to small and medium-sized specialist tour operators. During their last 20 years in business, Anteeo’s flexible system has supported a range of different client products, including singles holidays, school tours and diving experiences.

Anteeo’s fully functional system handles each stage of the booking process, from product set-up and sales, to admin and operations. It has CMS and CRM functionality and the ability to integrate with a wide variety of airline GDSs and hotel APIs, payment gateways, and other CRM and accounting systems.



How do Anteeo Solutions approach integration with Vamoos?


Anteeo take a flexible approach to integration. For example, while integrating Solos Holidays with Vamoos, Anteeo retrieve itinerary data from Solos, attach customer-specific details like flight and hotel information, and push the modified itinerary back into Vamoos. In doing so, they help to create individual records in the Vamoos app that are personalised to each of Solos’ customers.

Anteeo can also send information directly to Vamoos from their clients’ reservation systems, meaning they’re able to approach integration in different ways, depending on their customers’ needs and preferences.



What differentiates Anteeo Solutions?  


Anteeo pride themselves on their flexibility to work with a range of different clients, and can adapt any part of their convenient system to their customers’ products. They recognise that it’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to small and medium-sized tour operators, who each have different products, needs and ways of working.

In addition to providing a core booking system, Anteeo also undertake bespoke work for websites and e-commerce.



Which features on the Vamoos app do Anteeo Solutions integrate with?


The features Anteeo integrate with include the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard), Documents and Flights.



Which tour operators and travel companies do Anteeo Solutions work with? 




Contact details:


Tel: +44 208 866 7065

Email: [email protected]




Meet TTS!

Travel Technology Systems (TTS) are a UK-based software development company, celebrating 30 years of expertise delivering bespoke, high-end solutions. Erin, their leading travel management and reservations platform, simplifies tailor-made tours and dynamic packaging, all within one system.

Erin caters to a diverse array of users, including FITs, tour operators and villa specialists. It consolidates inventory from multiple suppliers, affording clients the complete autonomy to craft bespoke travel packages, encompassing quotes, bookings, and itineraries. Erin also interfaces directly with payment gateways and third-party APIs, such as GDSs, and allows travel companies to seamlessly manage pricing and availability across a wide range of online and offline channels.



How do TTS approach integration with Vamoos?


TTS have integrated an API link to Vamoos within Erin, along with multiple other API connections, facilitating seamless integration with various solutions and providers. They always seek partnerships when they believe functionality is better served by third-party offerings. Their integration with Vamoos, for example, provides clients with access to interactive visual itineraries and comprehensive travel experiences, which engage travellers at every stage, before, during and after their trip. 

The integration process with Vamoos is straightforward for TTS. Bookings commence within the Erin platform, after which booking data is automatically transmitted to Vamoos via an API. Should their clients wish to amend flight or itinerary details, they can do so within Erin, and the updated booking will be seamlessly pushed through to Vamoos. 



What differentiates TTS?


TTS excel at bringing together a comprehensive package, which is perfectly suited to their clients’ needs. Erin was built API first, giving the team the freedom to make use of other third-party solutions. 

This flexibility allows TTS to create solutions that are tailored precisely to their clients needs, which not only gives their customers more control, as they can choose which third-party companies they would like to use for different elements, but it also helps TTS to deliver a more cost-effective service overall.



Which features on the Vamoos app do TTS integrate with?


TTS integrate with the Visual Itinerary (Storyboard), Documents, Flights, Maps, Points of Interest (POIs), Inspirations and Notifications.



Which tour operators and travel companies do TTS work with?

Contact details:


Tel: +44 177 276 6800

Email: [email protected]


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