March 28, 2023

Creating a Vamoos travel app for your cycling clients is quicker than a downhill free wheel.  And the best is that not only will your client have everything they need in one place, they will also have a visually dynamic holiday memoir that they will be gagging to show off with to their cycling buddies!


 Creating the Wow Factor

Choosing a stunning photo for the ‘cover image’ is so important as this will be the first thing your client will see when downloading ‘their Vamoos’.   You also select which features they will have access to, add their start and end dates, and then personalise with their name.  Once this is in, the famous Vamoos holiday count down timer begins!  Your cycling clients will just love seeing how many more sleeps till they will be peddling through winding country roads, or putting the hammer down with the wind whizzing through their hair!  



Add The Travel Documents To Keep Everything In One Place

The Vamoos document wallet saves your client from searching for important documents through the pelaton of emails and is available offline.  You can add your own ‘personal expertise’ touches that enhance your service  and add extra information – everything from important travel documents, e-tickets and the area or country travel guides.  Why not personalise your service even more by offering to include copies of your clients passports, travel insurance as well as anything else they may want access to.

Add weblinks and make your clients life easier by including direct links to the flight check-in site and even share some of your favourite ‘hidden gem’ cycling routes so that your client can explore ‘like a local‘.  



Adding Locations Maps Out Your Clients Cycling Route

Adding location points to the map creates a super visual of your clients cyclng itinerary and being integrated with Google Maps allows your client to actually ‘find themselves on the map’ once they on their bike in the slipstream of some exotic location.  Its pretty cool and so personalised, plus the maps are available offline too.  



Build A Stunning Itinerary That Brings The Holiday To Life

Say ‘good-bye’ to dull itineraries – the Vamoos travel app offers a super ‘day by day’ itinerary feature where you can add gorgeous photos, along with text of your cycling clients holiday to help build up their pre-holiday excitement.    Plus there is a nifty feature that allows you to easily add a PDF version of this itinerary to the travel documents feature – at the click of a button!   It’s very cool – and super easy!



Well Timed Notifications Personalises Your Clients Experience

The notifications feature is extremely versatile and allows you to add well timed pop up notifications for your client.   You can remind them to check-in for their flights, add a prompt of a route detour to miss the upcoming boulder garden route, or even wish them a happy anniversary.   Notifications discreetly nurtures your clients’ confidence that they have someone like you, who is invested in their cycling adventure enjoyment, beyond the credit card swipe of balance payment.



Add Flights To Receive Live Updates

The flight feature is fully integrated with the flight systems so that your client will receive notifications directly to the app, telling them of flight time changes, which boarding gate to use and so on – all in Real Time!   All you have to do is add the flight number, date and Vamoos does the rest. No more airport stresses for anyone!



Keep Them Cycling… Back To You!  

The Vamoos Inspirations is designed to offer clients stunning photobook type brochures of other cycling and adventure holidays you offer.  And the best is that you can set this feature to activate at any time before, during or after their adventure.  We have found that activating this a day or two before the end provides them with some inspiration to overcome their current cycling adventure that’s coming to an end.  Thereby offering the best post-holiday blues remedy – to book another holiday!  



Where’s The Catch?

Perhaps this sounds all too easy and you might be wondering where the catch is – what if we told you there isn’t one?   Inn To Inn’s clients have unanimously endorsed the Vamoos Travel App and who are we to argue. 

The app was designed with exactly this in mind – to be user friendly, slick and extremely functional – all of which it is, both for yourself and your cycling client.  The Vamoos travel app serves as your clients own personalised virtual pocket travel guide, with everything they could possibly need, at the tap of a finger.  No more bulky, doggie eared travel documents, which will appeal to any weight weenie as everything your clients’ need is available on their phone, both on and offline.   


What Are You Waiting For?

Get in touch with us today for a free demo on how Vamoos can help your travel business digitally take the next steps. Or sign up for a free trial here.  We would love to jam with you.


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