January 24, 2023

When it comes to adventure holidays, you want to be the house-hold name when a client shares their latest thrill seeker experience with friends.    And to help you, we have complied a summary below with our five top tips on how to win your clients and continue creating adventures of a lifetime for them!   Afterall, life is always an adventure…

Understand Client Expectations

This is key to any holiday planning – and the best way to do this is to engage.  Make a phone call and have a chat with your client, this builds a relationship and provides you with an opportunity to share your knowledge as well as help your client set realistic expectations.   In today’s era of information overload, clients are often overwhelmed with all the info out there – as the adventure expert, you have a golden opportunity to take them by the hand and guide them to booking the perfect adventure – with YOU!

Client Limitations

Many adventure holidays require a reasonable level of fitness and prequalifying your client about this will help them to better prepare for their holiday.    Or find an adventure that is more suited to their physical capabilities.    While asking some questions of this nature may feel awkward, your client will appreciate this – and save them any possible embarrassing moments at the destination, when discovering specific criteria’s like weight or age limits.


What The Brochure Doesn’t Say

Many adventure destinations are seasonal, often offering tempting offers online during those less favourable months.   Here you can guide your client to booking at the right season for what they are wanting to do, outside of the mosquito biting season.   Activities like white water rafting and even kayaking relies on the rainfall and knowing when these times are assists in preparing your client for the best time to do these activities on their holiday.    It’s good to have a crib sheet – an easy PDF, or webpage that you can share with clients highlighting when the best times are for them to enjoy the activities in the destinations you offer.


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Create Balance

Even thrill-seeking adventure clients like to put their feet up and chill sometimes!   This is key in any holiday and planning a route that feeds their adventurous side, with enough time to relax and perhaps do some sight-seeing or indulge in a spa day is critical to your client’s overall enjoyment of their holiday.    Sometimes you may also need to cater for the less adventurous spouse and here, finding options that can tick enough boxes for each of them is where your expertise is golden.

Allow Flexibility

The more included activities we book, the more commission earned – this is a fact.   However, another fact is that most adventure clients also like to have some flexibility on their holiday.   Be this for weather, a lazy day or ‘being a local’, and allowing some free days are crucial for your client to feel that they are actually on holiday.   Book the core activities and treks or expeditions, and then allow your client some flexibility to decide at the destination what they would like to do.     You can include these in a destination guide that you provide to your client, in this way you subtly also upsell your knowledge of the area and how they can spend their time.


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Last, But Not Least

We hope that you have found these tips valuable and as international travel is finding momentum again, we hope you have many opportunities to test them out with your clients. 

One last point to mention is that Vamoos Travel App has helped True Ecuador Travel to increase conversions from the first quote.  The extra information, destination guide, crib sheets as well as their itinerary can all be included in one handy app – with no need to scroll through zillions of emails to find the information.  

This also cuts down on clients asking repeat questions because they have everything already – in their pocket.   Plus the imagery brings their holiday to life and being able to see where they going on the in-app map makes everything feel more real somehow.

To find out more about how Vamoos can easily digitally enhance your itineraries from quote stage to conversion, click here for a personalised demo or jump on board with a free trial now.


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