May 30, 2023

So you’ve built some buzz about your client’s destination, and helped bring their trip to life. It’s now time to build on those pre-trip butterflies and encourage some solid preparation. If you can not only take some of the burden off the client by telling them what they need to, but actually make it fun too, they’ll be sure to thank you for it! Get it right and you’ll be seen as the top-tier travel consultant that you are.


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Check they know what skills and equipment they’ll need

Depending on your client’s trip, there’s probably some prep that’s not optional. or that you need to strongly advise on. For instance, if they’re going on a multi-day hike in the Himalayas, they need to be physically fit enough to complete back-to-back hikes with a full pack.

Some prep might be less vital but still worthy. Clients going on a safari might think their iPhone camera is good enough, but they’ll kick themselves for not getting a solid DSLR. Why not let them know about the latest cameras?


Help clients make memories with some mobile magic

For 95% of travellers, their phone will be what they use to capture memories of their trip. But getting that epic landscape shot might not come naturally to those used to snapping pets and food!

You can provide a guide on how to get the best pics with just a mobile – you can even use ours!


Send to your clients: 10 Tips For Taking Perfect Smartphone Pics


Make sure they’re photobook ready

The best time to get photos printed is as soon as possible after a trip, before it becomes just another task. Some travel apps – like Vamoos – have the ability to instantly turn any photos clients share into a stunning photobook and send it right to their door, with minimal effort required.


Soothe any pre-travel panic

As your client’s departure date creeps closer, there might be some worry. Make sure excitement is the only feeling they get before they set off on their trip with well-timed messages with some top advice. Here are our top suggestions to share with clients and stay ahead of the game:

– Vaccination checks: In our post-covid world, people are more on edge about getting the right vaccines

– Check-in reminders: Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport and realising you haven’t checked in!

– Packing list: No one wants to get to the savannah and realise they forgot their sunglasses!

– Sustainability tips: Remind travellers to take their own travel bottles and avoid single-use plastics.

– Weather updates: Packing the wrong thing is almost as bad as forgetting something.

– Airport & transfer info: Travel apps like Vamoos can even automate these, so that clients get live updates when something changes.


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