February 7, 2023

Golf trips are already more work than your standard vacation, so going above and beyond to wow your clients can feel like it requires more hours than there are in a day. That’s where digital travel tech comes in. Using a travel app like Vamoos can help you make it seem like you’re a team of 20 instead of an army of one when it comes to customer service and experience. 

In a recent email series, we looked at how golf travel companies can harness the power of travel tech to elevate their game before, during, and after client trips. Now we’re combing all that wisdom into this handy blog, so you can explore everything from start to finish. Let’s dive in…




A jaw-dropping image-led itinerary


Golfers don’t want to hear about how stunning a course is, they want to see it! Load their itinerary with breathtaking views of where they are playing and staying and they’re sure to start showing off to everyone they know.



Personalised countdowns that boost your brand


Get golfers buzzing for their trip with an app homepage with a personalised countdown timer. Every time they open the app to check something, their excitement grows. Plus, with your brand displayed front and centre, they’ll associate that excitement with you.  



Scheduled notifications and live messaging 


Pre-set notifications can be scheduled to remind your clients of key information, make sure they have everything they need, and build excitement with countdown reminders. Plus, offering live messaging with you in-app really makes your customer service feel elite.



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Customised maps that bring their route to life


Add the unique routes your golfers will be taking as they travel from course to course. Not only does it make the trip feel real, even before it’s begun, but it also enables them to follow themselves live on the map once they get there!






Flight information at their fingertips


The last thing you want is something going wrong before your clients have even taken off. With Vamoos, you can simply add their flight numbers and your clients will get all the info they need and be updated if something changes.



Essential documents in one place


It may sound over the top, but documents can make or break a golf trip. There’s a LOT to keep track of, and Vamoos Documents ensures they can get what they need at the touch of a button, even offline.



Personalised Points of Interest


Using Points of Interest, you can deliver unbeatable service by uploading your expert knowledge directly to their interactive map. Show them the perfect post-round pint, the best burger in town, or anything else you know they’ll love!






Stunning digital brochures sent to ALL their phones


We call this feature Inspirations, because, well, inspire is exactly what it does. It allows you to push your packages directly to clients’ phones in the form of breathtaking digital brochures. Imagine getting home from a fantastic 5-round holiday in Spain and ‘ping!’, suddenly you’re looking at the best of South Africa – who wouldn’t be tempted to book? This also gets you in front of all the travellers (not just the lead booker), giving you even more exposure.



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Stay connected with notifications


Even if your clients don’t immediately rebook, there’s a lot of value to be gained from post-trip communications. You could send tips for their next trip, encourage them to connect with you on social media, and remind them what a great time they had – all of which keeps you in their mind when it’s time to book again. 



There you have it. Multiple ways in which going digital and embracing travel tech can help you give clients an experience that feels modern, yet remains personal. And given the relentless rise of OTAs in golf, combining that high-level service with accessible tech is one way in which golf travel companies can show they will always be better. Ready to begin? Book a no-obligation call with us today.

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