November 10, 2018

On Wednesday 14th November, 4 members of the Vamoos team ventured out of the Paddington office to head to Gatwick, to find out whether or not these holiday-goers would use Vamoos.

On our way to the airport. Left to right: Crystal (Marketing and Business Development Analyst), Milly(Marketing Manager), Claire (Business Development Manager), Ollie (Partner Relationship Manager)


The day started slowly as we quickly realised that a lot of the people we were approaching thought we were trying to sell them something and weren’t too keen to talk (not surprising!). We changed tack and set ourselves up in a restaurant and began approaching people that way. After multiple different eating establishments, shared portions of chips, and coffees later, here’s what we found:

We spoke to 86 different people and explained who we were, and showed them a very brief demo of the app and what it could do. We then asked them one simple question:

‘Is this something you would like to use during your trip?’

The majority of these people (82%) said yes. Most of the comments were very similar, saying the app looked useful and would provide helpful content (like the maps and points of interest) while they were on holiday. A lot of these people were really impressed with the app, and a few people we spoke to had already used Vamoos before and loved it.

Of those who said they would not use the app, we wanted to make sure we understood why. The top 3 reasons that were repeated multiple times were: not having a smart phone, not wanting to be on their phone while on holiday, and going on ‘fly and flop’ holidays which means they wouldn’t have as much need for it.

We were quietly confident that we were going to get the kind of results that we did to support what we have said for years – that end users love the Vamoos app (and that was with just a 20 second demo!). We hear this from our partners on a regular basis, but it was great to speak to prospective end users and hear it directly from them.

So, we’ve done the hard work for you – we know your clients are going to love Vamoos because we have gone and spoken to them. You don’t need to take our word for it though, get going with your free 28 day trial, and start sharing Vamoos with your clients today.

Alternatively, drop us an email if you have any questions or would like to request a Vamoos demo.


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