One of the unique aspects of Vamoos is being able to provide stunning imagery for your client’s itinerary.

Images for Home Screen Background and SBI Pages:


Allowed extensions: jpg jpeg gif png
Maximum file size: 4MB
Recommended dimensions: 2048x2048px

While we recommend dimensions 2048×2048, most images 1920×1080 tend to work well.

How to find great images:

Using a search engine, you can find some great images to use for your Vamoos itineraries.  We recommend you edit your settings to only search for large images. It also helps to use keywords in your search such as ‘Wallpaper’, ‘HD’ and ‘Background’.

When you have found an image, check the dimensions which are found at the bottom to ensure it is suitable.

When you have found the right images for your itineraries, we recommend you create a file on your computer or in the Library section. This will make it quick and easy to source great photos for future itineraries for you and the team.

Copyrighted Images:

Some images can be subject to copyright on Google. You can use the search tools to remove these, or you can go for a premium service like Shutterstock. Alternatively, you can go for services which provided royalty free images, such as Pexels or Pixabay.

Test your images:

We recommended you check how your images look on both a mobile device and on WebVamoos. On the mobile device, the image will be focused on the center, while on WebVamoos, the entire image will be on show. It’s best not to use really light or white based images as the Vamoos text is white.

Example of Framing in Vamoos:

The below is an example of how Vamoos frames images. This image in the example is 2314 x 1836 in size.

The first example is how the image appears on an iPad, and the second is on an iPhone. You can see here how the picture is focused on the centre for the mobile phone.