Creating a Vamoos

Once you have selected “Create New” on the Vamoos List page, you will be taken to the Settings tab.

Itineraries are the heart of what we do for you at Vamoos. You can provide all the information you wish to help your client feel in control of their holiday and have offline access to all the details of their trip.

User ID & Passcode

This is a 2-step login that you will give to the client to access their information in the Vamoos apps. It is made up from a three-letter acronym to identify your company which is pre-set from joining (User ID), followed by a Passcode which you create.


The fields provide an overview of the trip. Therefore we would suggest you provide:

Start & End Dates

Set the course start date and time, using the drop down calendars.

We will use these dates for the trip countdown.

Start Time

Create an exact start time for the trip – for instance their departure time.

We also allow you to set an international time zone, so the countdown will be accurate even if the start of the trip is on another continent!

Background Image

The background image is the perfect way to show your client something exciting they can expect from their trip.

Tips on Photos:

Once you are happy with everything in the Settings section, simply click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom.