Make sure your clients are in the know with details about their flights delivered straight to their phone.

One of the most important parts of a trip is the journey. Therefore, it is important you have up to date information about any changes to your flights readily available with the rest of you itinerary. That’s why we have Flight-hub with Live Alerts.

Flight-hub provides users with the details of their flights and other useful information. Users will receive up to the minute alerts for their flights – direct to the their device with notifications.



Setting up Flights

Setting up your clients flights to be available in the apps Flight-hub is designed to be as simple as possible.

Select the “Flights” tab when within an itinerary.

When within the tab, ensure you are clicked into “Search Flights”. You then need to fill out the following boxes:

Airline Code

Flight Number

Flight Date

See the below example

Once the flight has been found and you have checked the details are correct, click the box to select that flight and press “Save Changes”.

Within an itinerary, you can have multiple flights. By clicking on the “Flights List” button, you will have access to the itineraries flights and details of these flights.

App Guide

Flight in Orange – This highlights a departure within 48 hours

Est. = Estimated for a variation from scheduled time
Act. = Actual time
Cnx. = Flight indicated as cancelled

Multiple Journey Legs – If you choose a flight with multiple legs, then the 24 hour and 3 notifications are only shown for the first leg.

Welcome Notification when landed – Why do we include a welcome notification when people know they have landed? Mainly because we know some operators arrange trips where people arrive on different flights, so this keeps everyone informed.