Ensure your clients have up to date information for their flights through live alerts.


Flight-hub provides users with the details of their flights and other useful information. Users will receive up to the minute alerts for their flights – direct to their device. 


Adding a Flight to a Trip

On the Flights page you can search and add flights to your client’s trip. They can view Flights via the Flights icon on the home screen. 

Once you select “New Flight” you are required to enter the following information.



Airline Code

Flight Number

Flight Date

See the below example

You can add as many flights as you wish to a trip. These will always appear in chronological order on the user’s Flights section.


App Guide

Flight in Orange – This highlights a departure within 48 hours

Est. = Estimated for a variation from the scheduled time

Act. = Actual time

Cnx. = Flight indicated as cancelled

Multiple Journey Legs – If you choose a flight with multiple legs, then the 24 hour and 3 hour notifications are only shown for the first leg.

Welcome Notification when landed – Why do we include a welcome notification when people know they have landed? Mainly because we know some operators arrange trips where people arrive on different flights, so this keeps everyone informed.


If you have any further questions about this section of Vamoos, you can reach our support team on [email protected]. Or, take a look at our video library for further support!