Vamoos allows you to create captivating itineraries which can be viewed and printed by customers and prospects, and can even be uploaded as a document into your Vamoos app.


Setting up Creations:

1) Before you can begin, you will need to upload a Header and Footer image. To do this, go to the “Settings” tab on the navigation bar and click on “Edit Company Details”.
2) Following the image guidelines, add both a Creations Header and Footer image, and save your changes at the bottom of the page.
3) This will now appear on all of your Creations as this is done at management level within the system.


Generating a Creation:

1) To access the Creations section for an itinerary, click on the “Creations” tab
2) Once in the Creations area, choose what content you want in your Creations document
3) Storyboard and Map information will automatically be pulled across from the Vamoos itinerary you are in
4) Choose square images or full height images
5) Add in notes. This is where you can provide extra information that may be applicable to the trip such as Emergency Contacts. If you are using Creations as a quote tool, here is where you would add a breakdown of the price for the prospective customer
6) Once you have named your Creation and selected the fields to populate it, press the “Generate Document” button.


Add a Creation to an Itinerary:

1) Once a Creation is generated, it will appear in a list below
2) From here, you can add the pdf to the Documents section of the itinerary

Send out a Quote:

You can download web and print versions of the Creation which can be sent to prospective customers as a quote. If you wish to see an example Creation, contact your Account Manager who will be able to provide you with one, or click HERE to view one online.