One of the most important parts of using Vamoos is ensuring that your customers receive the information they need to access and use their Vamoos app, in a clear and engaging way.

We have created two email templates you can use to communicate Vamoos to your customers. The templates will make it easier to share information on how to download and access Vamoos.

Vamoos Login Details:

1) This email template notifies your customers of their login details, and highlights the great features the Vamoos app has to offer them
2) Simply fill in the customer’s details and their login information in the spaces provided
3) This email informs your clients why downloading the Vamoos app is a must for them to get the most out of their trip

1 Week Reminder:

1) This email template is designed to act as a final prompt to ensure your customers have downloaded the Vamoos app
2) Once again, fill in the necessary details and upload a trip related image as a final touch to build excitement



Both email templates provide links to the App store/Google Play store, as well as a link to WebVamoos.

If you have not yet received the communication templates, please contact your Account Manager.