June 10, 2019

We are delighted to finally announce the launch of our new Vamoos update! Over the last 5 years, we have improved the features and functionality of Vamoos based on the feedback we have received from our partners. We have always wanted to ensure that they have what they need in order to make their clients trips unforgettable.

Our latest launch means that Vamoos is now more customisable than ever before, so each itinerary can be built specifically for each individual person or trip, with only the information that the client wants or needs, delivered exactly when they need it.


What’s new in the update?


1) Flights on homescreen

We heard back from a lot of our clients that Flight Hub was a really useful feature and one that travellers loved, so we have now removed it from the hidden side-bar menu, and added it onto the home screen menu.


2) Flights available on the day-by-day breakdown

Flight details are now automatically added to the daily detail (if this is switched on). This means that they can access all their flight details on the day they need it, without any additional work needed from you.

Flight alerts on home page and day by day

3) Weather can be turned on or off for any given location

The weather is still based on the locations that are added to each Vamoos itinerary, but you can now opt to turn this off for any of the locations. The reason for this is because if you have a lot of different locations on the map in central London, for example, you can turn the weather off on all but 1 of those locations, so when the weather is looked at your clients will only see 1 London weather forecast instead of multiple around the same area.

Toggle weather on and off for each location

4) Your clients can view their entire trip in 1 scroll

We now have a Summary page which means your clients can see their whole trip breakdown in 1 screen. From this page, they can navigate to any day during their trip and see all the details of that day.

Summary board of app

5) You can choose to show the trip Summary and/or Detail

You can now choose whether you want your clients to be able to view their trip in a day by day view as they always could (now called Detail), or whether they can see it in the Summary format so they can see it all in 1 screen. You have the option to show just Summary, just Detail (the day-by-day breakdown), or both.

6) All labels and icons are customisable

All labels on the home screen and on the Detail are completely editable, so you can name them anything you like and also put them into any language. All the icons are also editable, so you can choose the images you want to match for each label in a drop down menu.

Customise labels and icons

7) Name Documents on an itinerary by itinerary basis

You now have the ability to change label names on an itinerary by itinerary basis, so these can be different for clients with different types of trips. For example, for one client you can have safari specific label names, while for another client you can have skiing specific label names.


8) Multiple docs per Detail day with unique names and icon choices

You can now put multiple documents on each Detail page, so you could have 1 document section for accommodation details, and one section for activity details.

New document labels on the app

9) Inspirations on homescreen

You can now encourage even more rebookings by adding your Inspirations to the home page. This will be even more easily accessible for your clients, and will allow them to browse the other trips you have to offer, so they can start planning their next trip by browsing through the app.


10) Have 2 documents active on the home page

As well as having the trip broken down in either the Detail format, the Summary format, or both, you are also able to have 2 different sections for documents on the home page. In these sections, you can add as many or as few documents as you wish. You can then change the names of these labels based on the content you are storing there.


11) New icon designs for a cleaner look

You can select from a range of newly designed icons for each label on the homescreen and each Detail screen. You also have the ability to use the same icon as many times as you need.


12) New scrolling functionality on the home screen

You can now add more labels to the bottom home page menu than before, so each icon has more space and more can be added. We have enabled scrolling capability so all the information you need to be shown on the homepage can fit on there and be accessed by all your clients.

Scrolling functionality on the home screen

13) A redesign of the side menu

The sidebar menu is now less cluttered and easier to navigate. With the popular features (Flight Hub and Inspirations) now sitting on the homepage menu, this is where your clients can still access their refresh button, about us section, and where they can load other Vamoos trips.


14) Weather can be removed completely from the homepage menu

If you do not want the weather to be visible on the itinerary at all, you can remove the weather entirely from the homepage menu at the bottom of the homescreen.


15) Turn off any location so it does not appear on maps, but keep the weather for that place

You are now able to provide weather forecast for locations that you add into your itinerary, but you do not need to show these locations on the map. You can therefore show your client, for example, what the weather is going to be like in London on the day they leave for their trip, without having to show this as a separate location.

This is the biggest update we have released in the last 5 years, and we are very excited about it because it opens up more possibilities with Vamoos than ever before.

If you are a current partner of ours, you can find instructions on how to use the new interface on our user guide. Alternatively, watch our video on the new Operator Interface and how to navigate this here. To have a look at the new features, go to your App Store and update Vamoos.

If you are not yet a Vamoos partner and our new fully customisable update appeals to you, view a demo or get in touch to see how we can start enhancing your clients’ experiences!




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