June 6, 2022

Many people in the tailor-made travel industry will have no doubt come up with reasons why people choose to book independently rather than with reliable, seasoned travel consultants. But what about the reasons that get clients to move away from independent travel? Those are the ones you can capitalise on.

This report flips the script and puts some concrete facts behind the top 3 reasons DIY travellers would choose to switch to using a travel company – and some of the findings may surprise you. So let’s take a peek. 


The top 3 reasons DIY travellers would switch to a travel company:



The report found that:


46% of people who organise their own travel believe that using a travel company could improve their holiday.

A further 11% believe that using a travel company could greatly improve their holiday.

58% of DIY travellers are neither loyal nor disloyal to a travel company, which means they can be persuaded to switch over.



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An exclusive sneak peek inside the report: it’s all about money, money, money… or is it? 


“Among people who are able to take holidays, especially those able to take multiple holidays a year (as our group of DIY travellers do; on average, they take between 1-3 holidays per year), stress surrounding money rarely stems from a fear that one literally does not have enough in the bank. Instead, it lies in a fear of insecurity or instability. By and large, people have the money necessary; it’s just whether they are willing to entrust it to you.

With widely-publicised incidents such as the collapse of Monarch Airlines in 2017 and, more recently, the decline of Thomas Cook, there is already a mounting sense of insecurity among travellers. It’s clear that we need to work harder than ever to gain consumer trust.

First, you need to make people feel safe in their buying process; secure that their money is being handled with their best interests at heart and that it’s worth the trip they’re buying.  The best way you do this depends on your brand…”


That’s all we can reveal for now – to get all of the valuable insight that the report revealed, download the full version for free using the button below. 



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Note: Research from this report was conducted on over 261 travellers who organise their own travel in addition to 61 travel companies that revealed the top reasons an independent traveller would switch to using a travel company. 


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