Number of passengers per year
Average booking value per passenger
Gross margin
Current rebooking rate Enter the approximate figure for the percentage of your customers who book with you every year
Additional sales over 5 years
per year
Additional profit over 5 years
per year
Annual cost of Vamoos
Vamoos return on investment (ROI) over 5 years

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this calculator or Vamoos in general, or why not check out our latest piece of research all about loyalty in the travel industry, with tips on how you can improve this loyalty at each stage of the post booking process.

Please note that the algorithms used to create this ROI calculator has been completed following extensive analysis of travel companies using Vamoos over 3 years which found that Vamoos can increase your rebooking rate by 50%. For example, if 30% of your travellers rebook without using Vamoos, you will get an additional 15% rebooking rate with Vamoos, totalling a 45% rebooking rate of all your pax. The following assumptions were used:

  • 75% of all your travellers will use the Vamoos App
  • You pay an annual subscription to get the 10% saving compared to the monthly rate