March 15, 2023

With 2023 now well underway, new trends in luxury travel have started to emerge. As always, travel is set to continue evolving this year, but tracking these trends can shed some light on the ever-changing demands of high-end travellers. From an insatiable appetite for unique experiences to an increase in multi-generational travel, let’s take a look at what you can expect your more affluent clients to be looking for in 2023.


Unique experiences

This year, luxury travellers are looking for unique experiences that are tailored to their specific interests and preferences. As you might imagine, this can lead to some fairly niche requests. They’ll be seeking out adventures that are off the beaten path, like bespoke tours of lesser-known local markets and unexplored neighbourhoods, private cooking classes with notable chefs, and exclusive access to cultural events and festivals. So keep your ear to the ground for anything different you can offer. They’re also searching for more adventurous experiences, such as heli-skiing, hot-air balloon rides, and immersive wildlife safaris.


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Sustainable travel

As it has been in recent years, sustainability continues to be a major trend in luxury travel in 2023. Clients are increasingly conscious of the impact their high-end travel has on the environment and they’re hunting for travel experiences that are eco-friendly. Luxury hotels, villas, and resorts have been adopting more sustainable practices, such as reducing plastic waste, using renewable energy sources, and, most notably, going paperless. Travellers are also looking for eco-tourism experiences that allow them to really connect with nature, and sometimes even contribute to conservation efforts.


Wellness travel

Another trend that’s been gaining momentum since long before 2023 is wellness travel. With a renewed focus on mental and physical health since COVID-19, people are looking for experiences that promote health and well-being. That means you can expect requests for spa retreats, yoga holidays, meditation retreats, and fitness-focused getaways to continue climbing. In line with this trend, luxury destinations are offering more wellness amenities, such as fitness centres, yoga studios, and healthy dining options, as standard. Clients might also look for trips that offer natural healing options, such as hot springs, mineral baths, and natural spas.


Multi-generational travel

Your average family has become more dispersed and much busier since the turn of the century, and we’re now seeing a big increase in multi-generational travel. Not heard of multi-generational travel? As you might expect, it’s a party that has members from at least two, but often three, generations. 

Your more affluent clients could be after experiences that cater to the needs – and interests – of people with very different life experiences. This can make your job as a travel company a bit tougher, but there are plenty of destinations that accommodate large families. Resorts are a safe bet to offer activities for all ages, but destinations that offer cultural and historical experiences that are educational for children and interesting for adults are the real winners of this trend.


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Private travel

As you’ll know well, privacy and luxury often come hand-in-hand in the world of travel – just look at the yacht industry – and 2023 is no different. Privacy, but also exclusivity, are the names of the game here. Experiences such as private jets, luxury yachts, and secluded villas that you can’t just book online make clients feel like they’re getting something no one else can. For your ultra-high-net-worth clients, the seclusion offered by private islands and remote wilderness areas is sure to be a hit. You know, the sort of adventure that clients can tell their friends about.

So, there you have it: our top 5 luxury travel trends for you to consider this year. Of course, luxury travel moves quickly, and – just like the demands and expectations of your wealthy clients – these can change at any time, so try and keep your finger on the pulse. Some trends, like unique experiences and private travel, you can always rely on being popular with luxury clients, but others, like wellness and sustainability, offer you the chance to capitalise by being ahead of the competition.

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