January 30, 2023

As a travel company, sharing your knowledge with clients during their trip is critical. This is your time to shine. An OTA might send a generic ‘have a nice trip!’ message on the day of departure (if you’re lucky); travel companies can elevate an entire trip using experience, knowledge, and service. That’s where Vamoos comes in. We know you’re the real experts – our app is just here to help you deliver your service in a way that wows your clients.

The traditional methods of sharing client information aren’t likely to wow anyone. But with our Documents feature, you can put all of the documents your clients need on a digital silver platter. Train tickets, tour passes, vaccination certificates, staff bios, hotel menus, excursions – you name it, Vamoos helps you to deliver it. And it’s all available offline, 24/7. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? We get that. So we spoke to some of our clients to find out how they use this feature and what effect it’s had. Take a look!


Scandinavian Travel: Taking the stress out of travel with destination documents

Scandinavian Travel specialises in tailor-made holidays across Scandinavia, from winter skiing holidays in Norway, Sweden, Lapland and Iceland to year-round luxury travel across the region.

Between the resorts, equipment, and slopes, ski trips usually require more organisation than other holidays. With Vamoos, Scandinavian Travel makes everything available in one place. Plus, making documents available offline is critical to ensuring clients can access the piste and village maps they need in a couple of taps – even at the top of a mountain. In the snow. With skis on. In a blizzard. 


Explorations Africa: Enriching clients’ trips with specialist content 

Explorations Africa creates custom-designed African adventures, tours and game safaris based on their client’s unique needs, personalities and interests. And they go above and beyond when it comes to making use of digital documents. 

They unlock this feature’s potential by uploading playlists, podcasts, reading materials, packing lists, and more to their client’s app. This enriches the whole journey, forming a deeper connection between the client and the country they’re in. Clients walk away having lived and breathed the magic of their trip – something they’re sure to remember.

As safari specialists, Explorations Africa has a lot more information to share than a typical vacation. They make it super easy for clients to keep track of everything by attaching info to each day of the in-app itinerary. Moreover, offline access is vital when your clients could be miles away from an internet connection but only metres away from a lion! They also upload emergency contacts, vaccination info, and insurance details that guests might need at a moment’s notice.


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