August 30, 2023

Taking a significant step towards enhancing the golf travel experience, we are excited to introduce our strategic collaboration with Golf Genius, a leading provider of cloud-based golf software solutions. This collaboration brings a seamless integration of the capabilities of both Vamoos and Golf Genius, enhancing the digital journey for all involved.

Our collaboration with Golf Genius is designed to empower golf tour operators by combining Vamoos’ pioneering Travel App features with Golf Genius’ advanced Tournament Management software. The result? A comprehensive and digitally enriched golf travel experience that leaves both tour operators and your clients happy.


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Craig Higgs, the Managing Director of Golf Genius International, enthusiastically shares, “Our relentless pursuit of delivering the finest solutions for all types of golfers has led us to this remarkable collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with Vamoos was a natural progression as the golf travel market stands to gain immensely from an all-in-one in-app solution that seamlessly combines our best-in-class offerings.”

Golf Genius has carved a global reputation beyond the traditional golf club and association realm, particularly among inbound and outbound tour operators. This software offers flawless World Handicap System integration and streamlined management of golf trip events.

With the integration, numerous features from Golf Genius Tournament Management are seamlessly integrated into the Vamoos app. This includes features like online registration for trips and events, real-time mobile scoring, TV leaderboards, personalised communications via text and email, and even customisable print materials, elevating each golf trip into a truly unique experience.

Vamoos has gained a reputation as a leader in the golf travel tech world by giving the ability to tour operators like you to create beautiful itineraries (including tee times), real-time updates, insights about golf courses, local attractions, flight details, and weather updates. Tony Bean, Co-founder of Vamoos, enthuses, “Vamoos was conceived with the goal of delivering unparalleled customer experiences and simplifying travel documentation, all condensed into a convenient mobile app. Collaboration with Golf Genius heralds a revolutionary shift in the realm of golf travel.”


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This collaboration between Vamoos and Golf Genius signifies an exciting leap forward for the golf travel industry. With seamless integration, enhanced convenience, and a digital experience like never before, both golf tour operators and golfers are poised to embark on a new era of golf travel.

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