October 9, 2023

Managing travel details can sometimes feel like a jigsaw puzzle. That’s why we’ve enhanced our existing integration with Dolphin Dynamics, a leader in travel reservations and booking management systems. The result? A more streamlined, efficient, and delightful travel experience for your clients, right at your fingertips.



How it works: no-fuss, just flow


Imagine your essential travel documents, itineraries, and real-time flight updates flowing directly from Dolphin to your Vamoos app. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved. No more manual data entry, no more hassle. Just what you need, when you need it.



The game-changer: doing more by doing less


Chuck Richardson, MD at Dolphin Dynamics, puts it perfectly, “This collaboration with Vamoos reflects our ongoing mission to help automate routine tasks for our customers while enabling them to engage with their customers more effectively. I’m particularly excited by the innovation we have introduced to automatically generate rich daily itineraries from the data recorded in the Dolphin booking, something many travel agencies and tour operators manually type up in Word.” We couldn’t agree more.



Beyond efficiency: it’s about your journey


This isn’t just about making things easier for travel companies. It’s about making every trip you plan more enjoyable and less stressful. From the moment your clients book until they return home, we’ve got you covered.



Words from our own Tony Bean


Vamoos Director and Co-founder, Tony Bean commented: “We are excited to see the deep integration work Dolphin has done to enable their clients to generate beautiful, personalised Vamoos itineraries with all travel documentation in one click. This integration brings Vamoos into a full suite of applications including CRM, quoting and financial reporting on the Dolphin dashboard. A great example of digital applications adding to wonderful traveller experiences.”




What’s next: boundless opportunities


This is just the tip of the iceberg. As we delve into the untapped potential of travel tech, we remain committed to delivering solutions that not only simplify your tasks but also enhance your client’s travel experience.



Try the updated features


Ready to experience the seamless travel management this updated integration offers? We warmly invite you to take the new features for a spin.


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