October 24, 2023

Pre-travel communication is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Remember our ‘From Booking to Boarding’ guide? We got a great response, and now, we’re back to make things even simpler for you with an essential pre-travel communication guide. Let’s delve in, shall we?




Pre-Travel Comms: The Essential Guide


6 Simple Pre-Travel Comms Steps to Drive Brand Engagement [AUDIO GUIDE]


Why pre-travel communication matters


It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey. And we don’t just mean the flight and the hotels. The moment a client books a trip with you, their journey begins. This is your golden opportunity to not only assist but also to engage, delight, and build a lasting relationship.


It’s as easy as pie


You might be thinking, “All these touchpoints sound great, but isn’t it a lot of work?” The good news is, it’s simpler than you think. Our guide is designed to be plug-and-play. Each touchpoint comes with actionable steps and ready-to-use templates that you can hand straight to your marketing team. The multi-channel approach means you can use a blend of app notifications, email, and SMS—whatever works best for your clientele.


Six must-have touchpoints for an unbeatable client experience


Here are the key touchpoints that we strongly recommend you focus on:

1. Immerse clients with destination inspiration

2. Make stomachs rumble with restaurant recommendations

3. Upsell without interrupting

4. Ramp up the buzz with a killer countdown

5. Calm clients by preempting their panic

6. Send them off in style


Now, let’s put some meat on those bones


Immerse clients with destination inspiration: Don’t just send them an itinerary; make their imaginations run wild. Show them pictures, give them historical snippets, or share lesser-known facts about their destination. Get them excited before they even pack their bags.


Make stomachs rumble with restaurant recommendations: Food is a universal language. Share a list of must-visit restaurants or local food markets. It’s not just about meals; it’s about experiences.


Upsell without interrupting: Want to offer extra services or upgrades? Do it in a way that adds value. Include it as a ‘Pro Tip’ in your communications, something like, “Did you know you can upgrade your room?”


Ramp up the buzz with a killer countdown: A simple SMS saying, “Only 3 days until your adventure begins!” can ignite excitement and anticipation. It’s the little things that count.


Calm clients by preempting their panic: Address common concerns beforehand. Whether it’s visa information or emergency contact details, equip them with everything they’ll need. This isn’t just good service; it’s peace of mind.


Send them off in style: A departure SMS with a simple “Bon Voyage” or “Safe Travels” adds a personal touch that goes a long way.


Multi-channel, one message


Whether you’re sending these touchpoints via an app like Vamoos, email, SMS, or a blend of these, consistency is king. The medium might change, but the message stays the same: “We’ve got you covered.”


It’s all about building your brand


This isn’t about ticking boxes. It’s about building a brand that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with your clients throughout their journey. It’s about making them feel valued and making their experience unforgettable.


Time to take action


The blueprint is here; what you build is up to you. As always, we’re here to help you put these insights into action.


Ready to revolutionise your pre-travel communication? Let’s create unforgettable travel experiences, together!


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