June 8, 2023

There’s more competition than ever in the travel industry. And not just from other travel companies. OTAs are becoming more advanced all the time and the boom in online resources like AI, travel blogs, free journey planners, and comparison sites means people can plan their own holidays with little effort. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? 


There’s only one thing for it: go above and beyond for your clients. Sharing guides like this one lets clients know you genuinely care about their enjoyment – they won’t expect it, but they will appreciate it. Go on, download this guide for free, share it with your next booking, and see for yourself!


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1. Send yourself a postcard

This might sound a bit weird, but take a moment to sit down, reflect on your experience, and send a heartfelt postcard to yourself – this way you can capture the memories and emotions you feel while they’re fresh in your mind. 


2. Get stuck into local literature

A great way to connect with the country you’re visiting is by diving into a book set in that destination, where the story can transport you there in your mind and deepen your appreciation for the local culture and history.


3. Tune in to travel podcasts

Not a big reader? Immerse yourself in stories from your destination with podcasts that provide local insights, share hidden gems, and offer unique perspectives on the destination.


4. Live like a local 

Forget the tourist hotspots for a day! Seek out real local experiences, whether it’s a cultural event, exploring lesser-known restaurants that locals love, or getting involved in traditional activities that offer a rare glimpse into the local way of life.


5. Get off the beaten path

Ask your trusty travel consultant to guide you towards unexpected adventures, local hidden gems, and experiences that you wouldn’t normally find – it’ll stand out from normal holiday activities and stick in your mind for years to come. 


6. Take a travel journal (and remember to use it!)

Document your journey as it happens by jotting down the nitty gritty details, once-in-a-lifetime highlights, and bursts of emotion as they happen. 


7. Connect with locals

Forget the language barrier, humans can always communicate! Break down cultural walls by initiating conversations and forging connections with locals – they can provide insights and interactions you simply won’t get anywhere else. 


8. Get out of your comfort zone

Get your travel agent to book you some adrenaline-boosting activities that will push your boundaries – not only will you leave with a sense of accomplishment, but there’s also no way you’ll forget the experience. 


9. Favourite your photos at the end of the day

When you hit the sack at the end of a day’s exploring, help your memories sink in by taking a minute to flick through your photos and mark your favourites – future you will thank you for it!


10, Take a day to disconnect

One of the best ways to connect is to disconnect: take a planned break from technology, put away your gadgets, and fully engage with your surroundings – you’ll find you create a deeper connection with the people, culture, and beauty of your destination.


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