June 7, 2023

How can you give your client engagement a boost and start building brand loyalty even before they’ve even set off? It’s actually surprisingly simple: show them you care more than the next guy. Reach out, get them hyped, give them tips, share destination stories – let them know you really care about their trip. Not just ‘thanks for the cash’ care, but REALLY care. 

And what better way to show you’re invested in their experience than sharing some little know packing tips that could make all the difference to the trip? From the client’s view, there’s nothing in it for you – you’re just going the extra mile to make sure their adventure is awesome. And that’s what they’ll remember. Even better, we’ve put the tips together for you, just download the guide and start sharing. 


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1. Be prepared weather it’s hot or not

Pack at least one item for each kind of weather to make sure you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way: it’s snowed in southern Spain and can get sweaty in Sweden – be ready!


2. Count on your comfies

Getting ready to conquer a big beast like Mount Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu? You’d be surprised how many people show up in flip flops; pack comfy walking shoes – it’ll make all the difference.


3. Dive into your memories

If you’re heading underwater to capture the jaw-dropping beauty of destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, pack a waterproof disposable camera – you’ll love reliving the moment and the pics will make a splash with your pals.


4. Appropriate packing goes a long way

Visiting culturally significant sites like mosques or other holy buildings can come with certain expectations from locals, so remember to pack respectful clothing so you can enjoy your experience worry-free. 


5. Let the good times roll

It’s time to go full Marie Kondo on your thread and embrace the space-saving magic of rolling clothes instead of folding them – your suitcase will thank you for the extra room, and your clothes will come out looking fresh. 


6. The Mary Poppins bag

Packing a small bag filled with essential items that you might not need, like a travel umbrella, a mini sewing kit, a collapsable cup, or bug spray – because you never know what’s around the corner. 


7. Live the Ziploc life

Prevent any holiday-ruining liquid disasters and keep your belongings safe from shampoo explosions by stashing liquids and toiletries in leak-proof Ziploc bags.


8. Better safe than sorry

Keep your valuables secure on the move by packing a small lock or bag-attachable mini travel safe. They aren’t too heavy and could really save the day. 


9. The power is in your hands

Literally. Make sure you never run out of juice on your adventures by packing a portable charger to save your devices from a dead-battery disaster (and remember to charge it pre-trip!). 


10. Pack a travel pillow

Catch some Zs in style with a compact and comfortable travel pillow – no sleep-deprived flights or bus rides for you, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling fresh! 


11. Nail the nighttime sights

If you’re stargazing, chasing the Northern Lights, or exploring in the dark, pack warm layers, thermal socks, and, most importantly, a camera with manual settings – that way you won’t miss a thing. 


12. Be a boss beach

Hopefully, you’ve already packed a swimsuit, sunscreen, a beach towel, flip-flops, and a hat, now add an extra large throw or lightweight blanket – you can keep your towel sand free and have more room to get comfy. 


13. Play it safe on safari

While a safari is sure to be a highlight, your clothes should be anything but – pack neutral-coloured clothing so you can blend in without disturbing the animals you’re there to see.


14. Crush the concrete jungle

Exploring a new city tends to involve a LOT more walking than you’d do in your hometown – bring comfortable walking shoes, a city map or guidebook, a reusable water bottle, and a compact umbrella. 


15. Pack a sense of humour!

The best tip of all: no matter how well you pack, there’s always something you’ll forget or didn’t know you needed. Embrace the unexpected, laugh it off, and crack on with your trip. Who needs socks when you can have a good story?


There you have it: 15 packing tips that will turn your clients from packing rookies to travel rockstars!

Download the full document version for free using the button below and start sending these tips to your clients pre-trip. No need to mention us, the credit’s all yours!


Download the guide


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