May 15, 2023

Did you know you can use ChatGPT to draft your communications to clients? By entering something as simple (but lengthy!) as a full trip itinerary, combined with a simple brief, you can have a set of emails ready in seconds, ready to prepare your clients for their trip.

Read on to hear about how easy it can be, and discover our top tips for ensuring your brand’s tone of voice isn’t compromised by using AI software to support your team.


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Our Experiment: Turning a 3-week itinerary to a pre-trip email, in 5 seconds


To find out more for ourselves, the Vamoos team ran a quick experiment. We scoured the web for comprehensive itineraries – like this 3-week itinerary for a trip through Japan with one of our clients – and entered a simple prompt:

“Write a 200-word marketing email from a tour operator to a client who has booked a trip to Japan, outlining and summarising the highlights of the trip, based on this itinerary:”

5 seconds later – a full email.



How can I ensure chatGPT sounds like a member of the team?


Provide a detailed brief: Provide specifics on the tone and language you want ChatGPT to include within the brief itself. You could mention specific keywords you want it to use, or the intention of the piece itself.

Make tweaks: Once a piece of content has been written, you can ask for adjustments to be made within the same conversation, e.g. ‘Re-write that in a more friendly and conversational tone.’

Train it: By providing feedback after each piece of communications ChatGPT drafts for you, give it feedback on what it got right and wrong about your tone of voice. This will help it improve its content generation for your particular brand.

Feed it multiple sources: ChatGPT will pull from the sources you provide it. So long as your own, existing content, e.g. your website, utilises repeated keywords and consistent language, then ChatGPT should be able to incorporate that tone and language into the content it generates.


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