May 16, 2023

In the words of our Co-founder – and avid golfer – Tony Bean, ‘Golf travel often brings with it high-net-worth clients who expect nothing less than the best’. And most tailor-made golf travel companies excel at delivering just that. The problem is ‘the best’ becomes more demanding all the time. With golf travel companies spending more time on the admin needed to make each client’s experience unbeatable, there’s less time to reach new clients and grow their brand. 

But the good news is that advances in travel tech have made it possible for golf travel companies to do more with less. When we realised Vamoos could help these companies deliver a better service using fewer man-hours and help build their brands, we could wait to spread the word. So we went straight to IAGTO. 

Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve helped dozens of IAGTO members offer an unbeatable digital experience to their clients and build brand recognition. Now, IAGTO even uses Vamoos themselves to ensure their fam trips run flawlessly – we think that’s a pretty good testament to how well it works. But we would say that, so enough from us – read on to find what real golf travel companies think of Vamoos, and how they’ve used it to do more with less. 


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Drive more bookings by engaging with the whole group


The folks over at Executive Golf & Leisure have been putting together jaw-dropping luxury golf trips for more than 33 years, so they know the importance of brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Traditionally, they would only interact with the lead booker, but using an all-encompassing travel app like Vamoos means that they can reach every golfer in the group. 

Not only does this give them more control over the quality of their client’s experience and level of satisfaction, but it puts their name and logo in front of dozens of golfers that otherwise might not see. That’s invaluable when it comes to brand building and rebooking rates. 

“Not only does everybody in the group get the app, but everybody has the same level of access to it. This means we can send out communications to everyone, not just the one person that books a tour. We’ll always ask the lead contact to make sure everyone has it. That way we not only capture more email addresses but can also control the whole digital experience.”

Hannah McCubbin – Luxury Golf Travel Consultant, Executive Golf & Leisure


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Promote your brand and build excitement with live countdowns


Naturally, there’s a lot of organisation that goes into golf tours, but it’s important to make time for fun interactions with clients, too. Especially when they can increase your brand awareness and loyalty. 

The Pro-Am Tour team use personal countdown for their clients as a simple but incredibly impactful way to build buzz and get clients engaged with their upcoming trip. And every time their client opens their app to check on the countdown, they see the Pro-Am Tour logo right there with it.

“The countdown is a great feature. Clients get really excited when they see something counting down towards their special trip. Especially once you’ve got everything organized and ready to go, which is typically 21 days out for us, you see the countdown clock really building the buzz. It’s nice if people then share that excitement with you, and really nice when they share it with other golfers.”

Craig Trower – CEO & Co-Owner, Pro-Am Tour


Save hours on admin with an easy-to-use backend platform


Managing boat-loads of information via email, paper, and PDFs isn’t just difficult for the travellers, it takes a lot of time and energy away from travel companies, too. Time and energy that could be used to book more trips. 

At Executive Golf & Leisure, the consultants have found the ability to make and track changes to a trip from one system transformative. As soon as a tee time, transfer, or booking changes, they can update the backend in seconds and push the change to every client’s app, saving them work and delivering a great service at the same time.

“The fact that you can update anything in real-time addresses a really big pain point for us. In golf, we get people who change things all the time; which can be a lot of editing, formatting, and emailing. Having the ability to make edits in seconds and send them out to the client instantly without sifting through emails is great. I’d say that’s a massive, massive benefit for us because it saves us a lot of work.”

Hannah McCubbin – Luxury Golf Travel Consultant, Executive Golf & Leisure


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