April 25, 2023

As we move deeper into the 21st century, the expectation for businesses to provide clients with a digital service has grown exponentially. Whether it’s food, shopping, travel, health, or finance, people expect to be able to manage it digitally with ease. But what does this mean for golf travel? 

In short, it means that paper itineraries, printed destination packs, and email-based customer service aren’t sustainable practices. Especially with the pandemic ushering a wave of younger, tech-savvy consumers into the world of golf. 

In our recent guide ‘Keeping Up With the Competition: How Golf Travel Companies Are Changing the Game With Travel Tech’ we revealed how travel companies are making this shift to digital. In it, we spoke with our high-end golf travel clients to get a first-hand perspective of the impact of this shift. After all, who knows more about what golf travel companies need than, well, other golf travel companies? 

Read on to find out what they said and how using travel tech like Vamoos could take your golf travel company to the next level.


Store everything your clients need in one place (and in style)

Golf naturally comes with more admin than your average holiday. So golfers really appreciate being able to access critical information – like transport arrangements, tee times, and buggy bookings – when they need it. At Signature Golf, the travel consultants use StoryBoards to make the client’s digital itinerary a hub of important information. 

The golfers simply scroll through the days of their trip and everything is linked for them, alongside some striking imagery of their destination, of course. They can even get the weather forecast after checking their tee times, so they know how to dress, and play, the next day.

“Our clients can literally scroll through the entirety of their events and find absolutely everything they are going to need for it in one place. It’s great. It’s so much easier for the client, and for us as well. I think the images look fantastic. If they’re playing a certain golf course one day, they’ll be able to see it right in front of them, along with all the information they need. I just think the app looks great.”

Andi Morrison – Graphic Design Manager, Signature Golf


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Offer next-level customer service with live messaging and scheduled notifications

When you rely on printed paper, or even emails and PDFs, responding to changing

situations during a client’s trip is really difficult. In fact, it can be detrimental to how travellers remember your service and their experience. Fortunately, the team at Pro-Am Tour don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Now, they’re able to reach the entire group of golfers at the touch of a button– invaluable should there be a last-minute tee time change. Not only that, but they can create notifications that get delivered automatically at the end of the day with scores and updates, adding a real touch of class to the whole experience.

“Having all the information in one place is so much better than having it on a notice board in the lobby, which is what we typically had before. If there’s a rain delay or a frost delay, those sorts of things, notifications become incredibly useful. It’s also nice that, after each day’s play, I can inform people that there’s a place to go look at the scores, instead of me rushing back to update their noticeboard.”

Craig Trower – CEO & Co-Owner, Pro-Am Tour


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Showcase your knowledge and expertise with Maps and Points of Interest

The incredible golf courses you book for your clients are naturally the headline act of any golf trip, but what your clients do off the course can take a trip from great to exceptional. At Executive Golf & Leisure, the consultants share their expert knowledge – from where to get the perfect post-round pint, to the best local cuisine – by adding them directly to their client’s in-app map. 

Not only does this allow them to communicate years of knowledge in seconds, but it adds a first-class feel to the whole experience. Executive Golf & Leisure even found clients booked more extras when added as Points of Interest on the interactive map than before they went digital.

“We’ve seen a much better interaction rate from clients with things like wanting to book dinners and other activities. Using the Points of Interest feature to put our recommendations on the map shows them exactly what’s nearby and feels exclusive. It’s also fantastic for when we have non-golfers on the trip as well. They can use it to find something fun to do while the rest of the part is on the course.”

Hannah McCubbin – Luxury Golf Travel Consultant, Executive Golf & Leisure


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