March 28, 2023

Creating a classy and functional Vamoos for your safari clients is quicker than a speeding wildebeest – whether you are building one from scratch or personalising a copy of an existing one.  The whole process is relatively quick with both an eye-catching and functional result that will appeal to all generations.


Creating A Vamoos Travel App Adds Wow To The Safari

A stunning ‘cover image’ will be the first image your safari client will see when downloading ‘their Vamoos’. You will also choose what features you want them to have access to, add their name and set the start and end date. This also activates the much loved ‘holiday count down timer’, and just like that you have the start of a personalised Vamoos travel app for your client.



Add The Documents So That Clients Have Everything In One Place

Add any documents that your client will need – the areas or country travel guides, extra information like spa menus or perhaps a guide to Swahili greeting phrases.  If you have a family with kids, you could create a document with the ‘animal collectives’ like a dazzle of zebra, which instantly gives them something to quizz their ranger on.  

For extra personal service, why not offer to include copies of your clients’ passports, travel insurance as well as any other essential docs that they may need whilst away.  Vamoos Documents feature allows you to upload any important emails and other relevant notes so that everything is in one place.   No more scrolling the zillions of emails for information!

You can store weblinks for important information, add links for flight check-in or even include some personalised inspiration to help your client prepare for their safari.   No more bulky document folders to tax the luggage restrictions – its a paperless safari, with a pocket full of information only a touch away! 



Set Locations So That Your Client Sees Where They Going

Set the locations where they will be staying, which is a nifty feature that works with Google Maps and magically also shows your clients where they are on the map, once their holiday starts.   How cool is that!  It’s also quick to add, and clever Vamoos will remember these points for future ‘Vamooses’. 



Build A Sexy Itinerary That Gets Your Client Excited

The itinerary feature – or Storyboard – allows you to quickly turn your clients dull ‘day by day’ itinerary into a very appealing visual feast of safari moreness!   You can choose how much or little information to add – for each day, you will include a stunning photo and some text about what they are doing. 

Elaborating what they will be doing each day builds the excitement – how cool can it be for your client to see that on day 7 they will be fly-camping in the Laikipia Wilderness on a camel safari and see a photo of this too.  

Plus you can add this itinerary in a PDF copy to the Documents section – at the click of a button!  This gives your client the Storyboard glossy view option or a more detail focused option in the travel documents.   And who said that apps couldn’t be flexible.



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Set Well Timed Notifications To Remind Your Clients Of Important Things

Add notifications and reminders – these can be anything from reminding your client to download their full Vamoos to be available offline before leaving on their safari, or to do their flight check in.  You can also remind them about pre-booked excursions or add a personal message wishing them a happy birthday!    Well timed notifications will put a smile on your clients face every time and subtly show off your careful attention to detail – down to the finest points.



Add Your Safari Clients Flights To Receive Real Time Updates

We love this feature as it takes the stress out of flying by linking your client to live flight updates!   All you do is add the flight number, date and Vamoos does the rest.   The best part is that this is fully integrated with the flight systems so all changes from flight times, gate changes or delays will be communicated directly to your clients Vamoos travel app in real time.   No more airport stresses for anyone!




Inspire Them To Keep Coming Back

Another nifty feature that secures your ROI, and looks good whilst doing so – is a glossy ibrochure feature of your other safari holidays which may appeal to your client.   Appearing subtly on their phone at a time that you determine.  You can set this to load at any time – perhaps while they are at the airport waiting for their flight home, or maybe you set this for a day or two before they leave – you decide.



Vamoos Travel App  Will Be Your Client’s Daily Companion  

As a safari company, you will know how much goes into planning the perfect trip.  And along with this, there is often a lot of extra information that a safari client expects – from packing guides to information about the wildlife they will see, and your secret to squeezing two weeks of luggage to meet the eye-popping 15kg flight restrictions!  

With Vamoos, you can put all of this information into one place, and it will always be only a tap away.  Here is a testimony from Infinite Safaris, Alan Feldstein, who shares  how his clients can find any travel document within seconds.

Vamoos is incredibly easy to use that even grandma will love ogling over her upcoming multi-generational safari on her new iPhone!

Get in touch with us today for a free demo on how Vamoos can help your travel business digitally take the next steps.  Or sign up for a free trial here.  We would love to share more with you.


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