April 12, 2023

One may be forgiven to think that creating a glossy, attractive, and functional Vamoos will take hours and hours of your precious time, however, truth be told, is that you can do this in breakneck speed for a client, and the more you do, the faster and slicker the process of creating a Vamoos becomes.

When heading out on an epic trek, your client wants to be efficient – both in weight and ease of access to their travel information – the Vamoos travel app will seemlessly offer this and so much more.   Read on to discover how you can enhance your tech savvy adventure clients through a slick, snazzy and functional digital app that takes going paperless to the next level!  


Create The Glossy Cover – Adds The Wow Factor

Choose a gorgeous photo that lights up the eyes and puts a smile on the face  – this is your digital cover and will be the first thing your client sees when opening their Vamoos.    You then choose what features they will have access to and add travel dates – this activates the now famous holiday count down.   You literally have a built in ‘how many sleeps till we ride’ feature that is guaranteed to put a smile on any face and is appealing enough to brag with to those mates who opted for the safe beach flop holiday this time round.



Add The Travel Documents – This Ensures Your Client Has Everything In One Place

Say goodbye to sending repeated emails of PDF attachments that your client may never read.   Vamoos documents ensures that your client has on tap information for their upcoming adventure.   Here you will add everything from important travel docs, e-tickets and you can also include prepping notes to help them prepare for their big trek.  Add notes on the areas they are visiting and even local greeting phrases for them to speak like a local.    Some clients like to have copies of their passports, travel insurance and other important personal documents included here too.    The options are limitless to what you can include.

You can personalise this even more by adding links to some of your favourite thrill seeker podcasts or even just add an easy link for them to tap on when it comes time to do online flight check in.



Live Location Maps – This Maps Out Your Clients Route, On And Offline

The mapping feature puts your clients’ itinerary on the map – they can see where they are going, the areas they will visit and being fully integrated with Google Maps, allows for your client to literally find themselves on the map.

A nifty feature that integrates with this too is the Places of Interest – these are points on the map that you pre-load once off and will magically appear on any itinerary within a pre-set radius of these points.  Be this your favourite coffee shop, a remote detour, a local pub or even the best place to get spare kit.   It’s a chance to show case your local knowledge and features like a personalised digital tour guide for your client as you can literally map out all your hidden gems and effectively reveal your best kept secrets with them through the mapping feature.


Create A Story Book Itinerary – That Is Both Functional And Beautiful

The story book itinerary feature makes the itinerary nearly as exhilarating as your thrill-seeking clients’ adventure.  Add spectacular images of the trekking they are doing, or of the summit they are preparing for, or perhaps some of the places they will see along the way.   Designed to bring any dull itinerary to life with space to write as much or little as you like and flexibility to elaborate more on bigger days and less on others.

Plus there is a nifty little feature that automatically converts all of this into a functional PDF that adds to the Vamoos document wallet.

Impressive enough for your client to want to show off their adventure in picture to all their mates, who might be envious enough to come and book their own trekking adventure – with you!



Well Timed Notifications Personalises Your Clients Experience

Notifications are extremely versatile and a perfect pocket reminder, especially when it comes to an action-packed adventure requiring lots of prepping.    Functional from the moment they download their personalised Vamoos travel app, you can set well timed reminders and notifications for your client to help them both before and during their expedition.   From reminding them about getting specific equipment, encouraging them as they train up for their summit or even to just a reminder to do their online flight check in.

And whilst they are travelling you can remind them about pick up times, when they need to waterproof their clothing in prep for an upcoming ‘wet day’ on their trek or even wish them a happy birthday.

Well timed notifications build up your clients’ confidence that they have someone as invested in their adventure as they are.   They will feel supported and taken care of, every step of the way.   And the best is that you would pre-load all these reminders, and if something pops up that you need to remind them of, you can do so – literally at the push of a button.  Although there is also a built in messaging feature that can take care of this in a personalised way and save you leaving messages via their porter!



Real Time Flight Updates To Inform Your Client Of Boarding Gates And Delays

Flying can be stressful – so we have made this easier with the built in live flight notifications feature that is synchronised with the flight systems.   Your client will receive live updates of their flight status from flight delays, which boarding gates to use and so forth – all in Real Time!   All you do is add the flight number and date and let the Vamoos travel app do the rest.  It really is as simple as this. No more airport stresses and missed messages for anyone.



Inspire Them To Keep Coming Back  

A snazzy feature that looks after your ROI and subtly pops up at a pre-determined time showcasing the other amazing treks and adventures you offer – all in the format of a beautiful ibrochure.   You can tailor this and drive which ‘Inspirations’ to share with which clients – if you know that a particular client was also looking at your Everest Trek, then feature this for them, or maybe they mentioned that they wanted to take the whole family with next time – then you can showcase these offers.    We have found activation works best towards the end of their holiday, just before going to the airport, to give them something to think about whilst flying home.   Inspirations offers the best remedy to overcome holiday blues – by offering real solutions of what other amazing adventures you offer.



Vamoos Will Grow With You – Digitally Speaking This Is

You would be forgiven to think that this might all sound too good to be true – however – true it all is!   This is what our clients keep telling us – that by using the Vamoos travel app this has reduced the number of queries from their clients because they have everything they need in the app.   Studies have shown too that by using the app, this has also increased a clients likelihood to actually read their travel information because they usually always have their phones with them, and being available offline, its very easy to read through the docs while waiting in the doctors room.

The Vamoos travel app offers an innovative digital solution for your adventure clients that eliminates bulky travel binders and will be as slick as the latest Garmin.


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