April 6, 2023

Do you engage with clients in the time between booking and boarding? If not, you should be! It’s a crucial time for brand building, upselling, and standing out from the competition. But what should you say? And when should you say it?

Well, after tapping into the knowledge of many of our travel company clients, we created a ready-to-use 6-month communication plan that tells you exactly that. Better still, it’s yours for free!



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To create this journey using real examples, we’ve centred it around a trip to Brazil, but you’ll be able to tweak each communication based on your client’s needs and destination. We’ve also divided the journey into three distinct sections: 


1. Early Inspirations – around one year to six months before the trip.

2. Preparation & Admin – about 2-3 months before they head off.

3. Actionable Tasks & Excitement – the final few weeks before the adventure begins.


So, without further ado, here’s your comms plan:


1. Early inspirations: One year to six months before the trip


It’s time to create a connection between your client and their destination – then watch their excitement grow! When you decide to begin the customer journey is the most flexible part of this comms plan, as it could be a year before they set off or just one month. Tailor it to work for your business and your client’s requirements. Let’s dive in:


23 weeks to go: Country guide with essentials 


Hi Firstname, 

There are just over five months to go before you’re headed to Braaaaaazil! 🇧🇷 

Feeling excited yet? To help you get a feel for Brazil and prepare for your trip, I’ve put together a handy destination guide with all the essential info about the areas you’re visiting, plus some extra tips. 

Just use the link below to get the country guide and start exploring!

All the best, 


22 weeks to go: Your travel consultant blogs and videos


Hi Firstname,

22 weeks until your trip of a lifetime! 

Are you ready to learn more about what Brazil has in store? 🙋

Below you’ll find links to some blogs I’ve written about the magic of Brazil, plus an awesome video tour of Rio de Janeiro, so you can see how amazing it is for yourself 🏖️

If you’re hungry for more on Brazil after these, please let me know and I’ll send over some of my favourite guides. 



21 weeks to go: Books


Hi Firstname, 

You’ve still got five months before you set off 🛫 

That’s plenty of time to read up on Brazil and really immerse yourself in the experience before you arrive. Here are my top three books to get you started: 

📗Guide to Arrive, Survive and Thrive in Rio de Janeiro by Norman Ratcliffe

📕Brazil: A Biography by Heloisa M. Starling

📘Short Stories in Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners

There’s a fair amount of reading for you to get through there, but if you’d like some more recommendations, please let me know. 



20 weeks to go: Cultural insights and do’s and don’ts


Hi Firstname, 

Just 20 weeks to go now! 🎉It’s getting real. 

Did you know that Brazillian culture is as unique as its geography? It’s a mixture of old and new, which means there are some nuances it’s good to be aware of 🤝 

Here are my top three dos and don’ts to consider while on your trip:




✅Use the appropriate greeting when being introduced: handshakes for men and two-cheek kisses for women 

✅Tip in restaurants and bars – the salaries are low in Brazil and tips go a long way

✅Hit the shopping malls – lots of big cities don’t have the luxury of safe parks, so the mall is where it’s at!




❌Use English (except in Rio) – only around 5% of Brazilians speak it, so try to use Portuguese as best you can 

❌Use high-value bills to buy stuff – they often won’t have change, so it’s a real pain for them to change up

❌Have your valuables on display – Brazil can be dangerous at times, play it safe and keep valuables out of sight until you need them

If you have any other questions about Brazilian culture, please shoot me a message. 



19 weeks to go: Documentaries


Hi Firstname, 

Are you bored of binge-watching the same old Netflix shows? 📺 Why not brush up your knowledge of Brazil with these documentaries? Trust me, they are full of interesting stuff!

🇧🇷Tropicália – Kanopy

🇧🇷Secret Brazil – National Geographic 

The Edge of Democracy – Netflix

If you get through these, head over to YouTube and search for Brazil. There’s some great stuff on there – give me a shout if you’d like some more suggestions. 

All the best, 


18 weeks to go:  More travel consultant blogs and videos


Hi Firstname,

Just over 4 months to go until the big trip 📅

Did you get a chance to read my last blog on Brazil? If so, I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think. 🇧🇷 

I’ve just come across a piece by another travel consultant that I think would be perfect for you ahead of your trip. Here’s the link for you to read it: 



17 weeks to go: The latest interesting piece on Brazil


Pro tip: make sure you review this content regularly if you’re sending automated comms.

Hi Firstname, 

It’s a good thing you booked your trip well ahead of time – demand for trips to Brazil is going through the roof! 🚀 

With your trip already locked in, you can just sit back, relax, and dream about those Brazilian beaches – not long now! 



16 weeks to go: Podcasts


Hi Firstname,

Just 16 weeks left before your Brazilian adventure begins! That’s less than 4 months 😍

I know I’ve given you a bunch of reading to get through already, but if you’re busy and prefer to digest information on the go, podcasts are perfect. 

Here are my top two recommendations for learning a bit more about Brazil:: 

🎙️The Querino Project

🎙️Women Who Travel Podcast: A Brazilian Journalist on Life in the Amazon

If you like what you hear, give me a shout and I’ll recommend some more. 



15 weeks to go: Recipes


Hi Firstname, 

I know you’re hungry for your holiday – I’ll be you can’t wait to tuck into that delicious Brazilian cuisine. 🤤 

So, why not prepare yourself for those spicy flavours and fresh ingredients by trying to recreate these classic Brazilian dishes? 

🫐Açai Bowls


🧆Bolinho De Bacalhau

There are loads of recipes for these online, but if you’d like me to recommend one, just let me know. 

All the best, 


14 weeks to go: 100 days left!


Hi Firstname, 

Fantastic news: you’re now just 100 days away from your epic Brazilian adventure! 🎉

Can you believe it?! I bet you’re getting excited now – this is where the countdown really begins. 

No links today, just excitement – but if you have any questions about your trip or Brazil in general, please let me know 🇧🇷



13 weeks to go: Less than three months, time to get prepped 


Hi Firstname, 

It’s getting real now: there are less than three months to go before you set off 🎒

Ahead of your trip, there’s some important admin to take care of (as well as lots of fun stuff, of course). Over the next few weeks, I’ll be following up and letting you know what you need to do to make sure you’re ready to fly. ✈️

If you’re the proactive type and would rather I gave you everything now, let me know and I’ll send it across.



2. Preparation and admin: Two to three months left to go


Around this time, there’s almost certainly going to be some preparation to begin. It could be training for a trek, updating vaccinations, applying for visas, or booking restaurants. Whatever it is, it’s always good to be ahead of demand. 


12 weeks to go: Vaccinations and visas


Hi Firstname, 

There are 12 weeks to go before you set off, so it’s time to think about vaccines. 

You can travel to Brazil without a visa as a tourist for up to 90 days, so you’re covered there. But you might want to get your vaccines sorted now. Here’s what you need to know:

💉COVID-19 – if you haven’t been vaccinated, you’ll need a negative PCR test to gain entry

💉Yellow Fever – it’s not technically required to enter Brazil, but many travellers get it as there’s some risk. Speak to your doctor to find out more

If you have any questions about vaccines and what the risks are, let me know. 



11 weeks to go: Upsells


Hi Firstname, 

75 days to go! 🤯 Are you ready for the magic of Brazil? 

I’ve put together a list of extra activities that I think could really take your trip to the next level. To book one or more, just reply to this message. 

🏙️See the city like a local with a Rio De Janeiro city tour 

🤤Dine in style at a two-Michelin-starred French-Brazilian fusion restaurant

✈️ Fly in comfort with a premium economy or business class upgrade

🏨Upgrade your hotel room to get an unbelievable view over Rio’s beaches 

If you’d like more info on any of the above, shoot me a message and I’ll send it right over. 



10 weeks to go: Essential prep for the perfect trip


Hi Firstname, 

Here we go! You’re now 10 weeks away from departure, so I wanted to make sure your pre-trip prep is going to plan 👣 After all, you’ve got some serious to do hiking around Rio.

By the time you set off, you should be able to complete two 5-6 hour hikes and feel fine afterwards. Are you there yet? If not, you’ve got just 10 weeks to get ready – get hiking! ⛰️

If you need some training guides or tips, I can share some programmes from previous clients that have done the same route. Just let me know!



9 weeks to go: Book mandatory extras


Hi Firstname, 

You’re in store for some serious surf and spa days when you stop in Rio 🏄 

It’s sure to be awesome, but there are a few bits you need to arrange with the relevant local representatives first:

✅Surfboard hire (you’ll need to pay cash but you can still book in advance)

✅Surf lessons

✅Spa treatments 

Please let me know if you’re unsure about what you need and I’ll be happy to help!



8 weeks to go: Tipping advice


Hi Firstname, 

You’re just eight weeks from take off now 🛫 so I’ve got a pro tip for you:

Be sure to tip generously throughout Brazil – salaries are low and tips make up part of the expected wage over there. 💸 

Here’s how much to tip in some common scenarios:

🚕Taxis – 5-10%

🥗Restaurants – 10-15%

🍹Bars – 10%

🧑‍💼Guides – 20% 

If you’re ever unsure about how much you need to tip, or if you have any specific concerns, ping me a message and I’ll be happy to help. 



7 weeks to go: Booking restaurants


Hi Firstname, 

If you haven’t eaten Brazilian food, have you even been to Brazil? 🇧🇷 

Lots of locals would say ‘no’. Food is such a rich part of the culture and there are several restaurants you don’t want to miss out on. Plus a whole bunch of traditional dishes that you simply must try! 

I’ve put together a blog post with my recommendations and favourite places. To check it out and book your favourites just use the link below 🤤




6 weeks to go: Family games and puzzles


Hi Firstname, 

With just six weeks left to go, how about some pre-trip activities for your kids? It’s not all about you, you know 😜

Here are some great Brazilian games you can easily find the rules for online and play at home before you go:

🎲Adedonha or ‘Stop!’


🎲Dança das Cadeiras

May the best traveller win! 

All the best, 


5 weeks to go: Becoming a photo expert


Hi Firstname, 

By now, you’re pretty much ready for your adventure, but are you ready to capture it? 📸

You’ll be exploring different climates and environments in Brazil, from nighttime cityscapes to the humid Amazon. 

Try practising your photography in these conditions before you do so you don’t miss a shot (turning the shower on for a minute is a good way to get a rainforest-type environment, fyi). 

You can also find our top 10 tips for great mobile photography with the link below 🌆




3. Actionable tasks and excitement: The final few weeks 


Now’s the time to provide actionable comms and make sure your clients have crossed their Ts and dotted their Is. A packing list is a must, as are check-in reminders and emergency contact checks. But it’s not all admin, there’s room for fun stuff like departure countdowns and memory-making tips, too. 


4 weeks to go: Packing list


Hi Firstname, 

Four weeks until you’re off to Brazil! 🇧🇷 It’s the final stretch. 

I know four weeks out might seem a bit early to start packing, but, trust me, it’s better to pack now and have time to buy whatever is missing. 

I’ve put together the ideal packing list for Brazil on our blog, you can see it using the link below. 🧳


Happy packing!


3 weeks to go: Key phrases


Hi Firstname, 

Over the next two weeks, I know you’ll be busy getting the final few bits ready for your trip, so now’s a good time to brush up on a few key phrases for when you arrive in Brazil 🇧🇷 

Try practising these whenever you can:

🗣️ Gostaria de uma cerveja = I’d like a beer

🗣️ Desculpe = I’m sorry

🗣️ Onde é o banheiro? = Where is the bathroom?

🗣️ Que horas são? = What time is it?

🗣️ Como chego ao (à)… = How do I get to…?

If that’s too easy for you or you want some more, I can recommend some great language books for you to pick up. Just let me know. 



2 weeks to go: Emergency contacts


Hi Firstname, 

You’re off in two weeks! 🇧🇷 

I know you’re going to have the best time out there, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. I’d just like you to confirm your emergency contacts are still up to date – this is what we have for you:


If you need to change these details, please let me know as soon as possible. Happy packing! 😁 



1 week to go: Check-in, transfers and airport info, and wishing them a good holiday


Hi Firstname, 

This is it! The final week before you embark on the holiday of a lifetime 🤯

🎫 Remember: you can now check-in for your flight, so do that soon to minimise any airport stress. 

✈️ Your flight from London to Rio De Janeiro departs from Terminal 5, Gate 18 at 18:00

🧑‍✈️ Your driver is Paulo – he will collect you at 21:00 (he’ll be holding a sign with your last name) and take you to your first hotel. In case you need to reach him, his number is +55 955 143 1043

I hope you have the most amazing trip! If you need anything at all, you can message me anytime in your Vamoos app ♥️

All the best, 


1 day to go: Wish them an amazing trip and let them know you’re there if they need you


Hi Firstname, 

Tomorrow’s the big day! 🎉

It’s been an absolute pleasure planning this trip with you, I hope you have the most amazing time.

I’ll be checking in once you arrive, but please remember: if you need anything, you can drop me a message in your app at any time and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can ⚡

Have the best holiday – speak soon! ♥️

Happy travels!


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