May 30, 2023

Imagine you’re a client who’s just booked the ultimate adventure. All you want to do is talk about it, read about it, and get ready for it. So why not do that with the help of the expert who actually created the holiday?

Your clients won’t just appreciate good advice – they’ll associate their excitement with you, which is ace for rebooking. We’ve got some tips for the best ways to get them fired up.


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Immerse clients in culture with dazzling destination guides

A gripping destination guide is great for giving your clients a taste of the culture, geography and activities they’ll soon be experiencing. Plus, it’s an awesome resource for attracting new clients, so it’s a big opportunity.

Make sure you cover the essentials: introduce the country, highlight the top places to see, and give an overview of the culture and food and drink options.

Pro tip: Make sure it’s mobile friendly. We really can’t shout about this one enough. It’s super important that your guides can be used on the go – in a cab, up a mountain, on a plane – without too much effort.


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Distil your expertise into country-specific blog posts

People love a personal story about a destination, and given that no one has access to more of them than you – it’s time to start writing! Or, if you’ve got some blog posts already online, even better.

Offering your clients a library of blogs and content about their destination not only shows them that you’re a true expert, but (if you’ve got blogs ready to go) it can score you points without adding any extra work.


Grow client excitement with books, movies and podcast recommendations

It’s almost a guarantee that your clients will be googling their destination themselves – but you can save them time, deliver a unique service AND show fof your expertise by sharing content they might not find. Why not make a list of books, movies, and podcasts that showcase the culture, history, or geography of their destination?


Blow their minds with your hand-picked restaurant recommendations

Your expertise is part of what clients pay for, so it’s important to let that shine through.

And given that food and drink tend to be a highlight for your average guest on almost every type of trip, restaurant and bar recommendations are a great place to start. Especially ones they won’t find online.


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