They might have 5-6 changes to their itinerary; that could be 5-6 different emails. How do you know they’re going to look at the most recent one?

Luxury golf tour operator Executive Golf & Leisure’s clients make many changes throughout the course of a trip. With paper itineraries, that meant it was taking a lot of manual work for Executive Golf & Leisure to stay up to date. Would clients even know which email contained the most up-to-date information? Which member of the group would have the most up-to-date dinner reservation time? How could clients have access to all the details they might need, without being overwhelmed?

In 2020, they decided to do a trial of the Vamoos app, and the rest is history! We spoke to Luxury Golf Travel Consultant, Hannah McCubbin to find out how the app has changed the experience of both the golfers and the team.



Clients have everything in an easy-to-read format

Executive Golf & Leisure want everything for their clients to be bespoke – “as and what the client wants”. But it was vital for all that detailed information to still be provided in a concise, interactive way – “too much, they just don’t read it”. Vamoos lets Executive Golf & Leisure give clients everything they need, but still in a format that’s easy to use and easy to read. 


Real-time updates sent to everyone

A key pain point for Executive Golf & Leisure was trying to keep up with the many changes that happen to a client’s tour. Hannah sums it up as follows: “They might have 5-6 changes to their itinerary; that could be 5-6 different emails. How do you know they’re going to look at the most recent one?”

Vamoos lets them send updates in real-time, so that everyone in a group has access to the most up-to-date information. Executive Golf & Leisure are even considering giving the app to their drivers, as with real-time updates they’d also be ahead of any changes to the itinerary, making it easier to always be in the right place at the right time, elevating service in the simplest of ways.


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It’s popular with everyone. Who needs paper?

With an average age of 60+, one could assume Executive Golf & Leisure’s customer base to not be the most tech-savvy. In this day and age, however, Hannah has found they all still have an iPhone or iPad, making it easy to encourage clients to download the app – especially once they see their fellow golfers making good use of it. 

This makes clients’ lives easier, negating the need to sift through pages of PDF documents to find the right page, but it’s helped Executive Golf & Leisure too. Everything that was previously put in a PDF, like lists of restaurants and places to visit, can be put on Vamoos (as well as extra features like a countdown timer to the tour’s start day). With instant updates and edits, amendments don’t require new versions to be printed off, making it far easier for Executive Golf & Leisure to become less reliant on paper – all helping towards their sustainability goals.


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Vamoos is highly personable and very interactive

Hannah finds it easy to personalise different trips for different clients. Executive Golf & Leisure upload banks of images to the apps and add different points of interest to the map feature, making for a stunning, interactive experience, highly unique and suited to each tour group.

The group members themselves can chat to each other, even entering their nicknames into the messaging function. They can even track each other’s flights and arrival times within the app – Executive Golf & Leisure simply enter their flight details into the Vamoos portal and the live info will all appear.


Keep Your Clients Up-To-Date And Excited With Live Flight Updates


Online training helps staff learn quickly

The icing on the cake for Hannah and the team is the unlimited customer service and online training that comes with a Vamoos partnership. It makes it easy for new staff to learn the ins and outs of the app – and provides a handy refresher for existing staff if ever they need it.


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