A very useful travel app.

Black Tomato are a creative and cutting edge luxury tour operator who are in the know about travel. They create unique, perfectly tailored travel experiences for clients who know exactly what kind of holiday they want, but also for those who need some insight and inspiration.

Rosie, Black Tomato’s Loyalty Manager, was brought into the team to look more holistically at their customer experience, which included working with Vamoos. ‘Vamoos is used to improve the customer journey, and give our clients an alternative to carrying physical documents around with them. Before Vamoos, we were printing absolutely everything or sending it via email, but now we are able to upload it all digitally and update it right up to the last minute.’

Since 2015, Black Tomato have been finding new ways to work with the app and use it to its full potential. ‘We’ve had feedback in the past that the pre-travel information wasn’t enough, so we used Vamoos as the main platform to deliver this information. Vamoos has been used to load global lists of restaurants and bars, as well as loading in contact information, know before you go trip information, and much more.’

‘Vamoos works with a lot of other travel brands, so it’s specific to what we need which is very helpful. The countdown and weather are effective features, and really good to have. The maps are really good too, they work on the kilometre radius of where the trip is and I think that’s really helpful. Overall, our clients like Vamoos and use it often. They find it helpful. It’s a very useful travel app.’

Black Tomato decided to get Vamoos to build their own custom app in 2018 because it was important for them to understand the analytics of the app – who was using it, what they were looking at, what they found useful as well as backing up their brand proposition – ‘we are a very luxury brand and using a 3rd party app didn’t really add up’.

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